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Review of the Album "Resurrection" by Judas Priest Vocalist Rob Halford

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Silent Screams is the First Memorable Song on This Album

Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford who has been in the music business since the 1970’s started what could be considered his solo project. In 2000, he released his debut solo album called Resurrection under the name of Halford. Silent Screams is the first memorable song for me that I heard from this album and since then, it has become a song to sing along to! The acoustic guitar sets the stage as Rob starts singing: “look at me, I’m chasing after dreams left in the storm. What I am is all that really matters now,” (Marlette, 2000). It is a song about a person that sees himself still suffering as he wants to get rid of his pain. For this person described in the song, his life means everything to him. Before this song speeds up, Rob still shows that he still has the ability to extend his voice without straining himself. It would also be a mistake to assume that he does not have a low octave voice because he does and this song shows a soothing part of his voice in the beginning.

He mentions in the song that all his past lies are gone. He lost friends that he loved but he still has no regrets. When Rob says the words “needle in my heart,” his English accent is very noticeable.

Resurrection Album Cover


Rob Halford Gets Help from Bruce Dickinson and It Works Out Well

Even though the album is described as a traditional heavy metal sound, the song called Locked and Loaded is a constant stream of riffs which shows that even in the 2000’s the musicians on this album can create something memorable. Locked and Loaded is a song about doing what a person can to make someone cry by getting to them just like they were treated. It is kind of like the concept of an eye for an eye. The song called Night Fall is about a false kind of love even though there is some kind of ecstasy in this relationship. Is this album better than the two albums that he worked on with the band Fight in the 1990’s? You could make the case that he started off the 2000’s in solid fashion and he proves that he still has the singing goods to deliver to fans around the world. There is a guest vocal appearance by Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson on the song called “The One You Love to Hate.” There is a definite feel of the band Machine Men in the guitar work. Bruce and Rob make a very good vocal duo in this song.

The Songs Cyberworld and Drive Add to the Greatness of this Album

The song called Cyberworld brings to mind the problems that can be caused by the spread of the Trojan Horse as these malicious files can penetrate hard drives, causing massive destruction to computers worldwide. Viruses can also affect the human mind. Twist has an interesting modern heavy metal sound to it. Drive is a song about taking the love of your life on a ride through the night that they will never forget. Just go on a long drive and release that stress so that you can live a life of higher quality!

The Song Called "Silent Screams"

Final Thoughts About the Album Resurrection

The song called Slow Down may be the album's weakest song but it is a song with a very important message in it. That message is to slow down, relax, and focus on building a stronger mind while also bringing inner peace to the body. Resurrection is an album that shows that Rob Halford still has the vocal power to deliver the goods! He really didn’t need to redeem himself because even back in 1993 he did a great vocal job on songs such as Into the Pit, Nailed to the Gun, and Contortion. This is one of the best solo albums of the early 2000’s for sure!


Marlette, R. H. (2000). Silent Screams [Recorded by Halford].

The Song Called "Cyberworld"

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The Song Called "Slow Down"

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