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Review of the Album "Resurgence" by Greek Thrash Metal Band Flames

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This Album Is More Than Just a Resurgence for These Greek Guys

Resurgence is the brand new album from Greek thrash metal band Flames, having been released on July 1, 2022 and whether it is a coincidence or not, that’s the day when I got into the music of these guys. Resurgence is the album that follows their last one which was released more than a quarter century ago. For a wait that has been this long, what we hear on this album is nothing short of superb. It is as if these guys decided to write their most furious, most modern and most aggressive form of thrash metal. And, they have delivered the goods on all three fronts. I will say this album marks a resurgence from these Greek guys.

"Resurgence" Song

These Guys Are Better Than You Think

The style of their newest studio album is definitely in the form of Kreator and it is done very well. The vocals even sound like Mille Petrozza as well. It is now that Alex Ossek is a distant memory. If these guys still had him providing lead vocals, this album would be a fraction of what it is. Thomas Trampouras is more than a sufficient led vocalist to carry on the musical legacy for these guys. Listening to this musical work it is like you refuse to listen to Judas Priest when you hear this. Some albums are just so far above others that came out years before that you put them a few notches above.

"Murder Taste"

About the Songs In This Brilliant Album

“Keeper of the Burning Flame” with its brilliant acoustic and electric mix of a start begins this album and then the Kreator style riffing comes in with the song “Resurgence” and these guys show that they are clearly ready to play and make it work. There is a reference to the year the band was formed when there is the lyrical line “back in 84 the flames started to burn.” The band is also trying to say in this song that they still continue to play thrash metal. “Crawl Beyond” is a song that lyrically tries to point out that there is neither heaven nor hell, that such characterizations are things that the human mind created. There is a section in this song that sounds like a riff that Tankard would have thought of. It takes an experienced listener of thrash metal to figure this out. “Rotten Life” is a song that features a section that has an exotic vocal part. It is really challenging for bands to stay original as a lot of thrash metal has been overdone and it has become a bit of a saturated market but this album shows that these Greek guys have created what is without a doubt their finest work. It even has the melodic acoustic parts which show that they were influenced by the Teutonic thrash scene. “Shell Shocked (Western Front)” is a song that is lyrically about the effects of modern warfare as it becomes a battle of attrition. In spite of the lyrical themes, Resurgence receives a 100 points out of 100 for its solid songs, good modern vocals and it may be the best metal album of 2022 so far!

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