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Review of the Album "Reign of Light" by Swiss Industrial Metal Band Samael

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Switzerland's Version of the Band Rammstein Returns With a Very Thought Provoking Album

Reign of Light is the 2004 studio album by Swiss industrial metal band Samael. It was released in 2004 and it musically continues in the style of the last two studio albums by these guys. It sounds kind of odd to say or think of Samael as an industrial metal band because of the fact that these guys began their career as a black and or death metal band. With this album, the industrial and or electronic sound is in full force and the vocals are low and raspy enough to sound like death metal. The philosophical style lyrics are also more present in this album than in previous albums by this band. Even you described Samael as Switzerland’s version of the band Rammstein, by this point in time you wouldn’t be wrong in your analysis.

About the Songs In "Reign of Light"

This may be one of those albums where Samael really tries to encourage us to reach for our dreams. One such example is in this song called “Telepath.” There is a lyrical section in this song that goes like this: “nothing is impossible. Nothing is unreachable.” This concept is hard for many of us to grasp because we have been fed a bunch of limiting beliefs for years. “Inch’Allah” is a song that may have been influenced by the Arabic word “Inshallah.” The song lyrically is trying to tell us that we should be prepared for what is new and that we should approach the world by spreading light over darkness. The song also says that we are constantly growing on the inside. However, it is “Moongate” the song that starts off this album as there is the sound of the sitar that starts this song off. Lyrically, the song sets a sort of precedent for the album as the song is about how good things can be when we are in a state of flow. It is part of our destiny to not set limitations for what we can accomplish. Lyrically it is reasonable to either surmise or conclude that this album encourages people to become a better version of themselves. As usual, with this band, if you are not used to dealing with the fact that Samael has made a dramatic transition into the musical type of industrial metal, you will have a hard time finding enjoyment from this album. “High Above” is a song which tries to let us know that we are one with everything and that we are not separate from anything. “On Earth” is a song that lyrically tries to point out that regardless of where we are in the world, whether we are in New York, Toronto, or Paris, France that life is short but the Earth keeps on going as is. The Earth continues to move around and revolve around the Sun as we humans long to love, to understand the complexities of this life.

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