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Review of the Album "Raw and Off Its Head" by Rawtism

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Rawtism is a band that is one of the newest entrants to the thrash metal scene in Australia having been formed in June 2019 and you saw this right. The band’s name actually is Rawtism and their debut album Raw and Off Its Head offers us 32 minutes of what should be very refreshing thrash metal. I know that often times refreshing and thrash metal do not go in the same sentence but what is offered on this 6 song album is a mixture of thrash metal and what can be considered humorous dialogue.

Rawtism Joins a Few Other Australian Thrash Metal Bands In the Scene

Rawtism joins bands such as Harlott, Mortal Sin, Desecrator and Head in a Jar as four Australian thrash metal bands that have made their mark on the scene. The music on this album is raw sounding indeed as the band’s name and album title shows through the music.

"Go Rawtistic" An Almost LIVE Video

About the Songs In Raw and Off Its Head

From the first song called “Go Rawtistic” you get the idea that these guys want their fans to show that energy or in their words raw power, raw energy. “Thrasher’s Endurance” lyrically tells the tale of a person that feels exhausted because their joints are really hurting. They have been partying too hard and head-banging too much. However, due to his partying lifestyle, he decides to really party to his heart’s content. Near the end of the song with the repeating interlude, it sounds like a more modern version of the older Iron Maiden albums because of its punk style nature. “You’ll Get What’s Coming” is a song that just demands that thrash metal fans get tuned into because the song’s message is that you’ll get what’s coming as long as the demands are not met. These Australian guys have the intention to play thrash metal for a long time more than likely. “Stay Metal” starts with some obvious bass guitar as the song is about the fact that metal music can be played the right way. The song’s other message is that you should stay in the heavy metal genre and keep things flowing at a good pace. It is not enough to just play the music fast but to do it in a way that other people will appreciate. What is the right way to play heavy metal? One can only wonder. That last vocal grunt or scream at the end of the song really lets the listener know what kind of music these guys are coming to play. The 5th song with its long abbreviated title is a humorous way to look at the fact that this band’s name is Rawtism. These guys are here to play metal music even with their humor in the songs as well. Raw and Off Its Head is a promising start by these Australian guys and they can definitely play with other bands. Perhaps the only con to this album is that there are too few songs and this offers a smaller sample size from which to analyze the overall body of work in the album.

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