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Review of the Album R.i.p. by the Band Coroner

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Coroner's Debut Album Is Both Raw Sounding and Progressive

Coroner is one of the oldest bands in Europe and Switzerland. Their 1987 debut album R.I.P. or Rest in Pain is an album that is characterized by a very raw sound which was typical of that time. For those of you that enjoyed Metallica’s debut album you will most certainly enjoy this album as well. The bass guitar is superb as well which a huge bonus is. The title track is fast and has a sort of progressive feel to it similar to Fates Warning’s Night on Brocken album. I bet that the transition from that early Metallica style soft part to the heavy section was a surprise to some but given the style that was present at the time, this is what many bands did. They would start off some songs with acoustic guitar filled melodies and then make the transition to heavy thrash metal. The song structure and approach was used for much of the 1980s from about 1982 through 1989. “Coma” is a song that is lyrically about a person that experiences death as he says that he is falling down between this world and the other realm, the realm of death also thought of as the transition between Earth and Heaven.

In spite of the album’s title it is not a painful album to listen to but it is one of those albums that will leave you in awe. The sound on this debut is extremely raw but also it was common to have this kind of guitar sound at the time. The vocals on the album sound a bit like Kreator’s Mille Petrozza.

More Analysis of the Debut Album of Coroner

Considering that at the time of the album’s release, Switzerland really wasn’t known for heavy metal much less thrash metal but Coroner with this debut show their technicality and skill. The guitar work is also very much like the kind that we would hear on the album Battalions of Fear by Blind Guardian. The more you immerse yourself in this debut by Coroner you will see how well written it is. R.I.P. is one of those albums that may be unique in the sense that it has several instrumental tracks on it which makes it both an aggressive and experimental type of album. The lead guitar work in the album shows the progressive nature.

Final Thoughts About Coroner's Debut Album

The intro called “Totentanz” is actually a song that is a cover based on a French kind of dance by composer Robert de Visee and it was written by A.M. Siegrist. Then there is the actual full song of the same name after that one. “R.I.P.” begins with a dark sounding instrumental song that has piano play in it too. “Reborn Through Hate” is a song that sounds like early Mercyful Fate only with better guitar work. The drums are pretty epic too as there is an interlude that is either influenced by or influenced Fates Warning. “When Angels Die” is a song that lyrically brings attention to the dangers of nuclear war. It seems that the history of the planet will be forgotten should there be such a catastrophe. In those days the danger of armed conflict was very real and Coroner is bringing the issue to the public’s attention. There is the classically influenced intro part to "Nosferatu" before the full heavy song comes on which creates a great contrast and transition. For fans of early Metallica, Mercyful Fate and Fates Warning, R.I.P. will be a great album to enjoy.


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