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Review of the Album "Push the Button" by French Thrash Metal Band Dead Tree Seeds

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About the Band Dead Tree Seeds and Their Second Studio Album

Push the Button is the 2nd studio album by Paris, France based thrash metal band Dead Tree Seeds. No, this is not a misprint as you are actually not wrong when you see this. The band’s name actually is Dead Tree Seeds and these guys resemble bands such as Slayer and Annihilator. These guys started back in 2007 under a completely different band name until 2009 when they worked under their current band name. The title track in terms of its style resembles a modern day South of Heaven tune.

France's Dead Tree Seeds is a Band That Has Potential

With Slayer basically having not released any new material since 2015, someone is going to have to keep the thrash metal scene going and France’s Dead Tree Seeds is one such band that can keep the thrash metal scene going. France is more than just an obscure death metal nation as it is growing in the metal music category even if it doesn’t seem like it.


About the Songs in the Album Push the Button

But with the way this album starts with the slow, yet melodic short song called “Thrash Tales” some might wonder whether they are going to hear any thrash metal after all. Any doubts you might have will slowly be erased as these guys push the intensity button up really high with the next song called “Fangs of the White Wolf.” These guys certainly sharpen their musical teeth and this song is a very good Slayer influenced song with a good chorus. There’s a beautiful middle section in the song called “No Time to Complain” which is a progressive influenced section and then the chugging slow thrash metal riff commences. These Frenchmen have definitely proven that they can play thrash metal with the best bands. The last song on this album reminds us to not waste our time or life. One thing is for sure and this second album from these Frenchmen is definitely not a waste of time to listen to.

The vocals could certainly be better though. There are certain albums in which the vocals could ruin the quality of the songs but that’s not what happens in this case. Then there is also the very melodic song “Enemies of Rome” which is lyrically about the fact that the season has become ripe for social disorder and some people are trying to escape a dangerous situation in the cover of darkness.

Final Thoughts About the Band Dead Tree Seeds

Dead Tree Seeds is definitely a part of the new wave of thrash metal that has been here since the 2010s and a little earlier. Dead Tree Seeds are a very promising French thrash metal band if they can stay together. The title track is lyrically about being at the center of a big decision that has to be made and this is about making a foreign policy choice. We discussed the title track briefly earlier but this one is stylistically sort of like Holy Moses.

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