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Review of the Album "Punishment for Decadence" by Coroner

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An Early Analysis of the Album Punishment for Decadence

Punishment for Decadence is the 2nd studio album by famous Swiss thrash metal band Coroner and this one was released in 1988 not long after their 1987 debut album R.I.P. Punishment for Decadence is said to have slightly more melody in terms of its guitar work even if it has many of the same musical qualities as the debut album. Punishment for Decadence is not 100% straight thrash riffs. There is definitely melody present here and there are traces of the raw sound that were heard earlier in the decade of the 1980s.

Many Musical Influences Are Present

The first song shouldn’t even be considered a song as it only lasts 12 seconds before the first real song called “Absorbed.” It sounds like Bonded by Blood era Exodus and it still has somewhat of a raw sound. “Masked Jackal” is a song that sounds like 1980s era Mercyful Fate. It was around this time that bands in the genre started to experiment and become more melodic but not in all cases. The good thing about Coroner is that they still had their thrash metal roots here while adding just some more melody to the mix. One example of this is the instrumental song “Arc-Lite” which has the melodies plus a touch of early Fates Warning. There is also a part in this song that sounds very classical in nature. They were also releasing albums very quickly as many of the bands in the 1980s had adopted that kind of pattern. It was one quick release after the other. The Japanese release of this album also has Coroner’s next album called No More Color. For metal releases in 1988 Punishment for Decadence is a solid statement from one of the most well-known metal bands in Switzerland other than Celtic Frost

Albums such as Punishment for Decadence were released on cassette tapes such as this one shown here. This was the kind of technology available at that time.

Albums such as Punishment for Decadence were released on cassette tapes such as this one shown here. This was the kind of technology available at that time.

Final Thoughts About Punishment for Decadence

The band Coroner is able to create almost 39 minutes of thrash metal with progressive influences and melody to make it better than their debut. They are not and did not rest but came back to work right away, thus releasing 2 albums in a five year period. “Skeleton on Your Shoulder” is one of the best examples of how this album is more diverse than the debut because it starts off with an acoustic part followed by a good midsection and then it speeds up. It wouldn’t be 1980s thrash if it didn’t speed up would it? “Shadow of a Lost Dream” lyrically is a song about a person wondering what is going on in his life. He is trying to figure out if a person or a shadow is standing next to him. Is it the person that he thinks it is? Or is it a shadow of a lost dream? Finishing off this album is a cover of Jimi Hendrix song called “Purple Haze.”


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"Masked Jackal"

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