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Review of the Album "Persecution Mania" by Sodom

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The Musical Style of Persecution Mania

Persecution Mania is the 1987 studio album by German thrash metal band Sodom and this one is said to be more in the punk and hardcore style. But is that really the case? Or is this album more of a thrash metal kind of release? Stylistically, this album differs from albums such as Tapping the Vein in the sense that this one is more of a thrash metal feel whereas Tapping the Vein has more of a death metal style to it. Even when a German metal band makes an album that is not one of their best they are still able to excel enough. That’s not to say that this album isn’t one of Sodom’s best though. There is also that raw 1980s sound to this one which shows that the album was written in that time period. The guitar play in this second album isn’t as raw sounding as Masquerade in Blood would be which is one of the more interesting aspects considering that Persecution Mania is an older album that came out at a time when the technology for recording wasn’t as advanced. After a few listens to this sophomore album by these Germans you will realize that it is more of a thrash metal style album rather than a punk and hardcore style that it is categorized as.

The vocals by Tom Angelripper (also known as Thomas Such) are of a lower thrash metal style so he sounds more like a punk metal singer in this album. Speaking of that punk metal influence, Sodom does a cover performance of the Motorhead song called “Iron Fist.”

"Iron Fist" Motorhead Cover

About the Songs in Persecution Mania

I haven’t heard any Motorhead albums as of yet but this is a pretty darn good cover. The riffing sections in the song “Christ Passion” show just how good this album can be. I got into Sodom’s music much later but it is better late than never right? In spite of the song Christ Passion, Persecution Mania is an album in which the lyrics have more of a social and political feel to them rather than a religious theme. One such example of this political theme is in the first song “Nuclear Winter” which describes the effects of nuclear warfare. Does this sound familiar? The style is also very much like a song that Sodom’s countrymen Kreator would write. The title track of this album makes reference to the Vietnam War which the US lost in 1973 as trench warfare was very common. “Enchanted Land” tells the story of how humans came into existence looking for their promised land only to be corrupted by the evils of war. “Procession to Golgatha” is just a short and atmospheric instrumental song in an album that is filled with songs that you could listen to more than once. Even the Motorhead cover that is done on this album is worthy of recognition. “Conjuration” has a drum start that would make Judas Priest proud. As of this early stage, Persecution Mania may be the sort of Master of Puppets kind of moment for Germany’s Sodom.

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