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Review of the Album "Peep Show" by Acid Drinkers

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The Style of Peep Show

Peep Show or sometimes known as P.E.E.P. Show is the 2016 studio album by Polish thrash and crossover metal band Acid Drinkers and this one is a modern thrash metal album that has influenced bands such as Fear Factory and we will get to why this is a significant development. Do you enjoy the album Are You a Rebel? If that’s the case you may enjoy this album even more depending upon your tastes. Peep Showis significantly heavier than their debut album in 1990. It is certainly more modern having been released in 2016 and it is more melodic and this speaks to how bands change over time and add more melodic elements to their music. Poland’s most famous crossover thrash metal band takes things up a notch in the speed and heaviness department. If you like the music of Fear Factory this album is better than that. The song “Sociopath” is a combination of heavy rock and industrial metal and I think Acid Drinkers to a degree also may have influenced Lacuna Coil because the Karmacode album has this sort of heavy rock and industrial metal feel to it as well.

The lineup for this band has been consistent over the years and the only exception to the lineup is that the second guitarist is different. He is known as “Jankiel” or Wojciech Moryto.

Why Peep Show Is So Good

The Acid Drinkers debut album with a long title was just a sort of warm-up album because at that time, they were just showing what they could do and that was just a fraction of their skills. What you are about to witness on the album Peep Show is so much better!

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The Best Musical Moment of the Album

Since this album was released in 2016, it is not just your standard thrash metal album but it is one which has melodic vocals as well as good solos, particularly in the song “Thy Will Be Done.” The best moment musically in this album is the song called “50?! Don’t Slow Down.” The song is like a modern version of what we would have heard back in 1983 as this fast song is lyrically about not being afraid to speed up while driving because 50 miles per hour seems like a speed that is too slow to cause a crash. The song’s message of not slowing down in life dominates this song and this is one of those that you may want to play quite a few times. There is a little bit of a Kreator influence in this song as well.

Analysis of the Vocals of Tomasz "Titus Puckacki

Vocalist and bassist Tomasz “Titus” Puckacki sounds vocally a little like Ville Laihiala but he is more aggressive in his vocal approach whereas Ville has a lower octave voice and he is good as well. Take a look at this latest show and display of thrash metal which might just impress you as much as it did for me as we take a second full listen to this album! Well, as of this initial analysis and three full listens through, Peep Show is Acid Drinkers’ best album since 1994!

"50?! Don't Slow Down"

"Monkey Mosh"

Peep Show is the Band's Best Album Since 1994

So why is this album their best since 1994? For one thing songs such as “Let ‘em Bleed” and “Monkey Mosh” with its memorable chorus set the tone for what turns out to be a very special album. Usually in the metal genre, bands tend to hit their peak very early on in their career and any other album that comes out after that is going to be hard to top but Acid Drinkers may be one of the exceptions to this kind of pattern. Their debut album got them off to a good start and that one is a good crossover and punk influenced debut but this album from these Polish guys has better songwriting and the riffs are heavier obviously. For some fans, they really enjoy the heavy riffs that can power an album all the way through. “Become a B****” is a song that lyrically describes a female prostitute and corruption in the government. This is one of those albums where you can listen to the songs in any order and derive the same level of enjoyment.

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