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Review of the Album "Paradise Lost" by the United Kingdom’s Paradise Lost

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This Self-Titled Album Features the Debut of Jeff Singer

Paradise Lost is the 10th studio album by British gothic metal band Paradise Lost and being a fan of their previous album Symbol of Life, the desire to listen to the one after that one became an immediate decision. This self-titled album was released in 2005 and features a new drummer, Jeff Singer who replaced Lee Morris. The band was ready to release this album at an earlier date but they had to postpone the plan because they had no drummer at the time. It is a rather interesting decision by this band to release an album that is the same title as their band name much later in their career as opposed to earlier. Well they certainly did not lose a step musically in the three years following Symbol of Life.

Paradise Lost Has Influnced Bands Such as Lacuna Coil

Listening to Paradise lost the album, I am able to notice how these guys have influenced other bands such as Lacuna Coil. It is easy to spot this influence due to the guitar sound and the style of the drums. Vocally, it can seem that Nick Holmes has actually improved enough that we may not even have to take a look at the lyrics to see what is being said. It can even be said that the UK’s Paradise Lost represents for their country not just a group of guys that play well together but they provide a sense of pride for the UK as well.

"Over the Madness"

A Brief Look at the Songs in "Paradise Lost"

The album’s opening song “Don’t Belong” has a keyboard part that complements the song beautifully. This album gets off to just the right start similar to the album One Second started off with the great title track. It is important to begin the album on a strong start but just as important is how you finish the final song. One song is just one part of a whole album similar to one slice of a medium pizza being just one slice. “Grey” begins powerfully as the setting is place for what is another stellar release. Some people really like to see rain in the season called autumn as do I. “Forever After” has a catchy chorus and one of the best in the career of Paradise Lost. The powerful last song called “Over the Madness” lyrically is about what happens when we drop so low that we get down to life’s lowest point.

"Forever After"

The Type of Person Most Likely to Enjoy "Paradise Lost" the Album

Is Paradise Lost the self-titled album better than its predecessor? That’s hard to say for these two are both beautiful albums in their own way. If you decide to listen to this one before Symbol of Life, you will not have made a bad choice. If you enjoy the middle to later Lacuna Coil albums then you will enjoy Paradise Lost the album as well. Listening to this album isn’t as good as having a vacation on a tropical island but it is good enough if you enjoy any of the Paradise Lost albums released after 1995. Those of you that tend to prefer anything released by these guys in 1995 or before will be disappointed with what you hear on this album. The album lyrically addresses life themes such as loss, pain, and struggle, all three of which most of us will experience in life.

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