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Review of the Album "Outsold" by Norwegian Thrash Metal Band Tonic Breed

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A Little Bit About the Band Tonic Breed

Tonic Breed is a thrash metal band from Norway having been formed back in 2008 first under the name of Roadkill. These Norwegian guys are influenced by Metallica and that’s a great thing. We need other bands to take over and keep the heavy metal music tradition going and keep thrash metal alive so that it doesn’t die out once these older bands retire.

Norway's Tonic Breed Has Been Influenced by Metallica

The album being reviewed and analyzed is the album called Outsold. Guitarist and vocalist Patrik Svendsen definitely sounds like James Hetfield in his vocal style. “Blackened Mind” is one of the more memorable songs with its acoustic start, something Metallica did in its early years in songs such as Fade to Black. Norway is not known for thrash metal but there’s a chance for that country to expand its scene in that sub-genre. Lyrically the song is about being in a dark place while not really having an identity. He feels like he is a stranger to himself and he feels like he does not know where he belongs in the world. It is rather impossible to sound like James Hetfield and to do as good a vocal job that he has done over the years but Patrik is a good vocalist that is easy to understand for the most part.


What Kind of Album Is Outsold?

Outsold is a thrash metal album not designed to overly impress you with massive speed but there is a real emphasis on progressive and classical style elements combined with …And Justice For All era vocals. What you get is a refreshing modern thrash metal album that should impress music students. When we get to the 7th song “Borregaard” the Metallica influence gets even more obvious as I am reminded of “The Call of Ktulu.” Please note that it is not suggested in this review that the early part of the song sounds like it but that it is influenced by that song. It is possible that in listening to the song that you may get the sense that it sounds a little like the song “Stonewall.” But it is mostly a Metallica influenced song.

The Songs Strife and Fifth Estate Analyzed

“Strife” starts out this album in a rather beautiful fashion as you can hear its acoustic mastery. Then the song gets heavy with touches of Slayer and Metallica influence. The song lyrically is about someone that does not know how they will get through a very dark period. Stylistically, parts of this song sound like the song …And Justice for All. “Fifth Estate” is a song that sees Patrik vocally sound a bit like Tom Araya. That speaks to the influence that the band Slayer has left on the music scene.

"Bad Company"

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Final Thoughts About the Album Outsold

“Bad Company” is a song about what happens when someone is constantly feeling lonely. This loneliness is considered to be the bad company that the song is referring to. We might as well say that this is something that should not be and we are referring to the song “The Thing That Should Not Be” by Metallica that was a hit song back in the day. Even if much of the riffing and guitar style of the album Outsold is like Metallica’s famous 1988 studio album, this one has more of a melodic style to it and it is not 90 to 95 percent thrash metal. Also, the bass lines are not tampered with like …And Justice for All was. “There’s Just One Escape” is the last song on this album and it features some great lead guitar work that I know Kirk Hammett would be really proud of if he heard it. The song turns into a fast thrashing kind of song to end what is a rather pleasant thrash metal album even if it is not perfect.

Favorite Song In the Album Outsold

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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on January 29, 2021:

Thank you James! I probably should add it into the review itself. What an awesome country Norway is!

James Jamesen on January 29, 2021:

A great review! Good analysis of both music and songs. Bad company actually came with a music video:

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