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Review of the Album "Organic Hallucinosis" by Polish Death Metal Band Decapitated

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A Style Change Can Be a Good Thing as This Album Shows

The Polish death metal band with a most bizarre and unusual name released their 4th full length studio album called Organic Hallucinosis in 2006. It is with this album that there is a definite style change. This 4th release by these Polish guys is a more hardcore kind of death metal in a departure from their first two albums which were of the technical death metal style. With this album, these guys are able to show that sometimes change can be a productive kind of thing. Organic Hallucinosis has songs that are like Fear Factory, Pantera, and Scalping Screen combined to create one of the most intense sounding death/thrash metal albums ever. You can notice the Fear Factory and hardcore feel especially by the drumming style.

This Is the Last Album to Have Vitek Playing the Drums

Organic Hallucinosis is also sadly the last album to have the guy known by his stage name of Vitek doing the drums. Vitek would unfortunately die from injuries sustained in a bus accident on October 29, 2007. He would succumb on November 2, 2007 at the age of 23. I can see just how great his drumming technique is in an album that is only about 32 minutes long.

How Is This Album by Poland's Decapitated Different From Their Earlier Albums?

So the question on the minds of some fans is how is this album different from the two earliest albums by these Polish guys? From what can be detected here, this album has vocals that are more hardcore, similar to bands such as Scalping Screen. So it is possible to classify this album as a hybrid of death metal and hardcore thrash or even metalcore in some cases. This album is actually one of those that will really impress you if you are a fan of hardcore metal such as this. It is possible to even notice the feel of a band such as St. Hood in this album because of the style of the guitars.

The Songs In "Organic Hallucinosis"

As part of this style, what we have to begin this album is the song “A Poem About an Old Prison Man” which lyrically is a story about a man that is on death row. There is a midsection of this song in which the drums really quiet down before the music gets really heavy again. “Day 69” is one of those songs that in terms of its style can sound like The Haunted and the vocals can also kind of resemble later Pantera but this is not Pantera but groovy thrash and death metal which is superior. “Revelation of Existence (The Trip)” lyrically is about what happened when a person dies and departs from their physical body. It becomes so peaceful and lyrically as the song says “death… the beginning of eternal silence.” That is actually accurate to a large degree. Speaking of that, with Vitek’s tragic death, his drumming skills and abilities have been silenced never to be heard anymore. But the music on this 4th album by Poland’s Decapitated, is hard, heavy, intense and even creative.

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