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Review of the Album "Nymphetamine" by Cradle of Filth

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Get ready to listen to a beautiful album by a famous British band!

Get ready to listen to a beautiful album by a famous British band!

Cradle of Filth is a Band That Can Either Grow On You or Be Hard to Absorb the Music

In the previous album review for the United Kingdom’s Cradle of Filth, we mentioned at the end of it that it may be the band’s best mid-career album. Then 2004 came and in the blink of an eye, the band got back to work and released their 6th studio album called Nymphetamine. Of course, prior to 2017 I had mostly been familiar with a few of the band’s earlier albums. This is an album in which most of the band members use stage names. This 6th album was released by Roadrunner Records and it is the last Cradle of Filth album to feature the contribution of keyboardist Martin Powell. Before we continue with this analysis, let me just say that Cradle of Filth is one of those bands that can be hard to sit through and listen to their albums all the way through because of the length of their songs and the length of some of the passages in the songs in terms of the musical structure. So these two factors alone in spite of the screechy vocal style may be what drives some music fans away.

The Meaning Behind This Album's Title As Explained by Dani the Front Man of the Band

Front man Dani Filth explained the meaning behind the album’s title saying that it refers to a drug like addiction to a woman with her qualities like a vampire bringing her lover back from the spiritual grave and then to bury him further combined with the strength of a whim.

My Interpretation of the Album's Title

I look at the album’s title as one word made up from two, these being Nymph and amphetamine so the second part of the album’s title refers to the drug that can cause an addiction so in a sense the album’s title could mean addiction to a woman in question.

There Are Two Versions of the Title Track

Whatever we might have thought in our initial analysis of the previous Cradle of Filth album it is hard to say with 100% certainty which mid-career album is their best. But this one shows even more experimentation by Cradle of Filth not having as many instrumental songs in this work and even featuring a guest vocal performance by the former Theatre of Tragedy vocalist Liv Kristine. "Nymphetamine (Overdose)" which is the title track is on this album first as a nine minute plus song and then at the conclusion of this album it is presented as "Nymphetamine (Fix)" which is a shorter five minute version.


Why Nymphetamine is a Better Studio Album Than Cradle of Filth's Previous Release

As of this first and second analysis, Nymphetamine is a better studio album than the previous work by Cradle of Filth because the melodies and riffs are slightly better. With the way this album starts with the track called “Satyriasis” you might at first think that it is going to be the standard way of starting an album for this band with a short instrumental but it is actually a song that has a choir and some narration to begin. “Nemesis” is said to be the favorite track of the band’s front man. The title can be interpreted to mean the enemy or the main foe that one is facing not just from a political context. There is a slight feel of Iron Maiden in this song but a more extreme metal version of it while having some melody. This song also has a two part chorus with the first part being the phrase “black is my heart.” You can hear it even through the vocal style. “Absinthe With Faust” is one of those songs that has that piano based feel to it and it has more of a mid-tempo vibe to it. The title track begins with sort of Gothic metal feel to it as the main riff repeats and repeats. The beginning sounds sort of like the band Opeth in their early years. Then the song really speeds up as Dani’s screeching voice takes over again. The song slows down as we are then in a part where there is a resemblance to early Theatre of Tragedy and it is only fitting that Liv Kristine provides guest vocals for this section and the next section after the harsh vocals. She was the vocalist that started for Theatre of Tragedy and put them on a good foundation. At this time in 2004, you could say that she was performing as a guest vocalist for a fine extreme metal album.

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"Nymphetamine (Fix)"

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