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Review of the Album "Nightmare Strikes Back" by Japanese Thrash Metal Band Impaler

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About Japan's Impaler and Their Third Studio Album

Impaler is a three member thrash metal band from Japan having been formed in 2008. Their 3rd studio album Nightmare Strikes Back is a good example of the old-school thrash metal. Even though the album has 10 songs the album will more than likely be done before you have time to do a lengthy yoga routine. The album has 10 songs clocking in at less than 28 minutes. The vocals of Kazuhiko Takeda are of the rough variety but we are still able to understand some of what he says in spite of his accent. If you enjoy older Slayer albums such as Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss and you want to hear old-school metal guitar sounds then the band Impaler should be your cup of tea. Thrash metal is not a new genre in Japan by any means but it has the potential to grow and blossom. That would require the Japanese being able to successfully market their music outside of their own home country.

How Are the Songs Like in This Album by Impaler?

The album begins with a short and heavy instrumental song “Intrusion” and this kind of musical approach is typical of some thrash metal bands these days. There is a part of this song that sounds like the song “Raining Blood” by Slayer. The bass guitar actually plays a prominent role on the album as it not only can be heard but it complements the music creating thrash metal that is decent but not really groundbreaking. One example of this is the song “Return to Nightmare” where the chorus is repeated over and over again along with the bass guitar and riffs. I could surmise that in the song “Fun to Kill” these guys are enjoying playing their instruments and it has that groovy thrash metal sound and even the drums are impressive. The song might as well be a satirical attempt to describe a person who enjoys doing savage things. In spite of the album’s title this is not a nightmarish musical effort. On the contrary the album is a pretty darn good played form of thrash metal with bass guitar that can clearly be heard. That’s one quality that’s always a plus right?

A Good Album But Not a Great One from Japan's Impaler

However, just like the Ancestor album Lords of Destiny, Nightmare Strikes Back is a thrash metal album that isn’t original or creative enough to deserve a perfect score. The lead guitars are just right and the riff approach is respectable but there just isn’t quite enough creativity present in this album to justify a score in the 90s but over time, this sentiment may change. Further justifying the fact that the album is far from perfect is the 35 second “snippet” track called “Slander Stop It!” How can that be considered a song when the length of the track isn’t even a minute long? The other thing is that in these songs there really isn’t enough lyrical creativity because the songs often times follow this predictable pattern of the vocalist repeating the choruses of the songs and it leaves you kind of unfulfilled as the music fan.

The rating for the album Nightmare Strikes Back is probably 78 out of 100 points.

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