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Review of the Album "Necroceros" by Asphyx

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Necroceros is the 2021 studio album by Dutch death metal band Asphyx and it may have been only a matter of time for this heavy metal music fan to listen to the brand new musical creation by one of the most well-known death metal bands in the Netherlands. This is definitely a better studio album than 1995’s God Cries with the former vocalist Theo Loomans. The other noticeable thing that may happen to some people as they listen to this is that if it is a dark and cloudy day wherever you are living, you may find yourself more likely to get into this album because of the riffs and overall dark feel to it.

Necroceros Does Have Musical Variety

Then you have songs such as “Three Years of Famine” which sound just like the slow, death metal style of the early 1990s. In the middle of the song, in what is definitely a good change, there is an acoustic section that makes it sound more like what you would have heard in the 1990s with the Gothenburg style of death metal. An example of this is Hypocrisy’s 1994 album The Fourth Dimension. The riffs in this 5th song by Asphyx though are slow enough to mid-tempo that they do indeed resemble the riffing of the album mentioned before.

Additional Perspective On the New Asphyx Album

Angela Davey of Kerrang! describes Necroceros in this manner: “Dutch deathsters Asphyx remain as sturdy as ever on 10th album, Necroceros.”[1] Sturdy is one way to describe these Dutch and German guys. The drummer for this album is Stefan Huskens.

[1] Angela Davey, “Album Review: Asphyx – Necroceros, Kerrang!, January 19, 2021,

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"Knights Templar Stand"

Necroceros Album Analysis

The opener for this album, “The Sole Cure is Death” has that old Arch Enemy feel to it while combining a few touches of that Florida death metal. “Knights Templar Stand” is one of the more memorable songs in this album because of the main riff that dominates. Asphyx was brave enough to create a riff such as this that stands out enough in my mind and is worth playing through more than once. The opening riff has four distinct notes to go along with the drumming. We already know that one song does not make or define an album but having a song that is this catchy with the hooks that it has certainly makes any album a little bit stronger. Knights Templar Stand is only one song out of ten but is one of the best Asphyx songs ever. Asphyx is certainly not shy about including heaviness and speed in their songs as “Botox Implosion” is a song that has both of these traits. The song criticizes the industry that advertises so that people can do whatever they can to improve their skin quality and sometimes this requires surgery. The song criticizes the fact that the medical and spa industries makes so much money off of people as people are obsessed with beauty. Then the album slows down dramatically with songs such as “In Blazing Oceans” which is lyrically about a cargo ship trying to traverse some very dangerous waters to get to its destination.

The Album Ends With the Title Track

The album concludes with the dark sounding title track as there is repetition of the album’s title. Lyrically, the song may as well be a warning to us as to what can happen to Earth if we do not take care of the planet as we should. Tectonic plates can crumble as earthquakes can become rampant and the average temperature of the planet is rising too. Overall, Necroceros is a good album from Asphyx and should appeal to those that are a fan of the band’s older material.


Davey, Angela. “Album Review: Asphyx – Necroceros.” Kerrang!. January 19, 2021. Accessed on May 16, 2021.

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