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Review of the Album "Moronia" by Performed

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Thrash Metal in Slovakia? Yes

Length: 43:42

Label the band is signed to: Slovak Metal Army

Country of Origin: Slovakia

Rating: 100 out of 100 points for its flawless performance!

Performed is a band from a country that most of us wouldn’t even associate with thrash metal even in 2021. Their debut album Moronia is a delightful combination of Megadeth influenced vocals combined with riffs that work! Songs such as “Killing Past” are influenced by melodies that we would hear from bands such as Kreator or Holy Moses. That’s not surprising at all for those of us that have heard those bands over the years. However, instead of destroying any appreciation you might have for thrash metal, this mid-tempo influenced song is actually quite good.

A Little Introduction to the Band Performed

Performed is a band that took 18 years to finally release their debut album after first forming to play concerts in their home country of Slovakia. The earliest roots of this band go all the way back to 2003 as the band was performing in concerts in their home country of Slovakia as they were said to be playing covers of Metallica songs. What makes a band like Performed better than many other thrash metal bands is that they combine their riffing with melodic parts and for those of you that crave melody, this album will be a delight.

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"Good Mood Stealer"

Moronia Album Analysis

Then for what seems like out of the blue the band really speeds up with the song “Mental Leech.” Jeff Waters of Annihilator would love this song! Don’t let the title of the album fool you though as what you hear on this album is very refreshing for thrash metal. Moronia only has eight songs on it but it is one of those albums in which you could listen to the songs in any order or backtrack between songs and it would still be superb. The vocals are like Dave Mustaine meets Howard Smith so it is a combination of Megadeth and Acid Reign. Besides the vocals, the music is also varied and nowhere is this more evident than in the first song “Good Mood Stealer.” The song starts out in acoustic fashion, taking a page out of the playbook of old Metallica and Megadeth as the song is a display of thrash! But it can also be said that the beginning part of that song, there is an Opeth influence as well because it sounds progressive too. The next song “War” has a brilliant interlude in the middle section. Then we do have an instrumental song “Uzzur” which has a decent bass line in it. To use a Mortal Kombat video game reference as an analogy to describe how good this album is, it is a flawless victory by these Slovaks and let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t be another 18 years before they release another full album. They should work on getting another release by at least 2023. Moronia is a really solid work from start to finish and not many thrash metal albums are this good.

"Mental Leech" Music Video

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