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Review of the Album "Morbid Visions" the Famous Debut Album of Sepultura

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Something Interesting About Sepultura's Debut Album

Morbid Visions released in 1986 (yes, another metal album released in that famous year) is the album that started it all for famous Brazilian death and thrash metal band Sepultura. However, at this point in time (1986) they had only been active as a band for two years and the style of this album resembles death metal and the production is considered to be very poor.

About the Vocal Style and the Members That Play On Morbid Visions

The vocals are of a harsh death metal style but they are still done by the one and only Max Cavalera. His brother Igor Cavalera performs the drums and would be with the band for a full two decades before departing in 2006. The band neglected to tune their guitars during the recording sessions which explains the poor production. It is also said that the lyrics for the songs in this album were influenced by bands such as Venom and Celtic Frost. Morbid Visions is also the only Sepultura full length album to not have Andreas Kisser performing as the other guitar player. Jairo Guedz instead performs alongside Max for this album.


About the Musical Style of Morbid Visions

With all the attention that their album Arise gets even to this day, it may make albums such as Morbid Visions be forgotten and this is an album that should not be forgotten. The style is a lot like the Florida death metal that started in the 1980s. The drumming is pretty superb even for that time period. A very young Igor Cavalera really shows his skills in this debut. At this time Igor was just 16 years old and listening to this album in 2021 for the third time through as of this writing, it sounds more enjoyable compared to the first listen through. The vocals aren’t the best but that doesn’t seem to really affect the quality of the songs. Morbid Visions is the most evil and raw sounding Sepultura album and it differs greatly from the ones that are more polished albums but for some of us, this may become our favorite Sepultura album over time. Who is to say that it won’t be well liked by younger death metal fans? The vocals also resemble the earlier albums of Rotting Christ as well.

The Larger Context That Explains the Significance of Sepultura and Their Debut Album

“Morbid Visions” the title track is just so fast that speed defines this one and Igor’s drumming make this one a memorable song to start off this album. “Troops of Doom” seems to be the favorite song of some people.

In songs such as “War” (not the song from System of a Down) stylistically in some cases sounds like songs we would hear on the album Arise in 1991. The amount of speed in this album would even impress bands such as Impaled Nazarene. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that it is Sepultura that put the nation of Brazil on the road to heavy metal greatness. They were the most well-known Brazilian metal band to be talked about on shows such as Headbanger’s Boll back in the early 1990s.

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"Troops of Doom" (Morbid Visions Version)

Favorite Song in Morbid Visions

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