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Review of the Album Misleading Evil by Canadian Thrash Metal Band Hazzerd

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Calgary Alberta's Hazzerd Is a Band That Should Be Considered Elite

Hazzerd is another thrash metal band in a list of growing thrash metal bands from the country of Canada. This band is a band from Calgary in the province of Alberta just like that other band I wrote about called W.M.D. (When Minds Develop). The motivation for writing about these guys is partially based upon the reason to just dive into the genre of thrash metal when your mood is somewhat down during the holidays. For some of us, music has a sort of therapeutic effect.

Misleading Evil is a very creative and melodic thrash metal album

Doing the vocals as well as the drums on this album is Dylan Westendorp. The album's title is Misleading Evil and it was released in 2017 and what we have on this album is not evil music but melodic, creative thrash with some decent harsh vocals just like the band Terrifier from British Columbia. As we near the end of the album on this very first listen, Misleading Evil is an outstanding album, not just for the self-titled instrumental song but for the melodies and overall musicianship. I am convinced that even if some may say that Greece is becoming a hotbed for thrash metal, Canada may be a more creative nation for this genre and I can even hear it in the music of Hazzerd. Don't let the band's unusual name deceive you into thinking that this is some form of generic thrash metal because that's one thing this album is not.

Starting off this album is the song called Tendencies of a Madman and this one is obviously heavy as heck and has some creative lead guitar mixed in. A madman does not think logically and with a reasonable mind but the song lyrically is pretty much self-explanatory and a good way to start off this album. Through the second listen of this album if your mood picks up and elevates, that is a good sign because what we hear on this album is GOOD modern thrash metal! Metallica would be proud of this work I am sure!

Canada Has More Than Just One Great Thrash Metal Band

Note: we were only less than 2 days away from 2020 when this review was first composed but Canada's Hazzerd is part of a growing thrash metal movement in that country. They have more than just the most well known bands there such as Razor, Anvil, Rush, and Annihilator.

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"Absolute Destruction"

Misleading Evil Is a Very Fine and Creative Thrash Metal Musical Album

The title track of this album is not like your average acoustic instrumental kind of song that you would normally hear from bands of this type. It starts out soft and beautiful before getting heavier and even then, it still has sort of a neoclassical feel to it. “Under the Influence” has a sort of more modern Iron Maiden influence to it. The song is about what happens when people are drunk and they drive under the influence as everything happens so fast. What are the best songs in this debut album you might ask? So far, the first five songs are the best songs and when that happens it is a good sign that pretty much the whole album will be very good though that does not always happen. But in this case with these Canadian guys, they know how to play their instruments and make the music click. There is a part of the instrumental after the heavy stuff that sounds somewhat like Lacuna Coil because it is a heavy Gothic, and atmospheric part. I would say that the self-titled instrumental song is a combination of influences ranging from thrash metal to Lacuna Coil to Yngwie Malmsteen (in the beginning of the song and the early stages where it is soft).

Discography of the Band Hazzerd

Year ReleasedAlbum Title 


Victimize the Innocent (Mini Album)



Misleading Evil





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