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Review of the Album "Mind Manipulation" by the Ukrainian Thrash Metal Band Mortal Vision

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Introducing Ukraine's Mortal Vision and Their Debut Album

Say hello to one of the newest entrants into the thrash metal scene, Mortal Vision (not to be confused with Mortal Sin) which is a four member band from the country of Ukraine. These young guys go back to 2019. In 2021 they released their debut album called Mind Manipulation and whether it is coincidence or not, the album was just released on October 29, 2021.

A Special Comment About the Musical Style of This Album

Mind Manipulation is album that is being described as being similar to Schizophrenia era Sepultura as well as Persecution era Sodom. I will agree with the characterization of the album as being similar in style to Sepultura when Max Cavalera was part of the band.

The Musical Style of the Album Mind Manipulation and the Vocals

This album is a relentless force to be reckoned with and it has fast riffs as well as a touch of catchy melodies. Eastern Europe has seen a recent development in the genre of thrash metal and this development is not only beneficial for the genre but we need other bands to continue carrying on the thrash metal legacy after these older thrash metal bands retire or disband. The vocals are of a lower raspy style or grunt if you want to call it that so the similarity to Max’s vocals is there to a degree. Think of Mortal Vision in style as taking some of the elements of Holy Moses. Hearing this album again, it feels like you are listening to late 1980s Holy Moses plus a combination of 1991 Sepultura and with the vocals the way they are this album might as well be considered a death and thrash metal hybrid. They have a long way to go before even getting to that stage and stature if they ever do. But this album is a very promising start for these young Ukrainians. Even though the vocals sound like Max Cavalera, they are not as loud and are more raspy than Max’s and you can’t hear the accent as much.

"Eternal Hatred"

A Brief Analysis of This Sepultura Influenced Thrash Metal Album

The album starts off with what sounds like sounds of warfare followed by narration that you would either hear on TV or the radio. The more and more that you hear this album it will become aware to you that some of the riffing and drums actually also sounds like the album Arise as well. To say that everything succeeds with this album musically is not entirely accurate though the bass guitar at certain instances shows its power and creativity. “Eternal Hatred” is a song that starts with a cymbal sound before getting heavy while the riff is slow to mid-tempo. “Apopenia” is a song in which the bass guitar starts to play more of a supporting role and you can even hear it clearly in some instances. Let’s go back to discussing that second song because the last 40 to 50 seconds of that song have a very catchy guitar part that you might be tempted to listen to multiple times as I have.

They could improve the vocals just slightly and even that little, small tweak with the vocal approach could make a difference. All in all, Mind Manipulation is a decent work from four guys that are young and have just started their careers.

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Rating for the album Mind Manipulation: 80 points out of a 100 for a low B grade.

Best Song on the Album Mind Manipulation

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