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Review of the Album "Metal Discharge" by Destruction

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What Type of Album Metal Discharge Is

Metal Discharge represents more than just another studio album by German thrash metal band Destruction. This 2003 album has more of a raw sound and feel to it and it has that snare drum kind of sound as well. Some of you may shake your heads in disbelief and such a sentiment is understandable given what fans experienced from this band in the early 2000s with the albums All Hell Breaks Loose and The Antichrist. The vocals may sound like they are being drowned out in the music and if you feel this way, you are not alone. But this is not some weak St. Anger kind of moment for this German band and it certainly isn’t some groove metal based album like The Least Successful Human Cannonball.

A Unique Aspect About the Album Metal Discharge

Every metal band is pretty much going to undergo some kind of musical change or evolution and these guys have been no different in that regard. Some versions of this album have a second bonus disk. That second disk contains covers of Iron Maiden’s Killers song as well as a cover of Metallica’s Whiplash. You could say that Metal Discharge is one of those albums that still has that metal music sound and feel to it while also sounding experimental as well. I would even say that Metal Discharge is an experimental metal album but it is not a mainstream sounding one by any means. The covers of the songs Killers and Whiplash are more than two great choices for cover songs but it shows that these guys are dedicated to spreading the influence of thrash metal worldwide.

Why Metal Discharge Is a Better Album Than Some May Think

Metal Discharge is a better album than some may give it credit for even without the bonus disk. But we are analyzing this album while keeping in mind how the bonus disk either helps or hurts this album. Destruction gives the song Killers a more modern feel so that those of us that are missing that 1981 song got a chance to hear it in 2003 or later. This album is definitely metal music in nature so in a sense, the band Destruction has discharged or put out what is still a metal album even though the sound differs from their previous two albums. It is really a solid start to that second disk when the two cover songs are from two of the finest bands in heavy metal that have ever existed.

“The Ravenous Beast” is the song that starts off this experimental album and it sounds a little bit like something the band Witchery would have written. It is kind of a hybrid of black metal style combined with thrash metal that we know that the band Destruction has been playing their entire career. The title track lyrically can be interpreted as the influence of metal music being a major part of the planet. The song also lists two concepts that are obvious. These are that there wouldn’t be good without evil and there wouldn’t be wise people without the stupid ones. One concept that the band Destruction has not strayed away from is the theme that the world is in much trouble due to the greed and power of those officials at the top. Songs such as “Fear of the Moment” lyrically try to paint the picture that humanity is out of control. With all the wars that take place and the continued arrogance of certain politicians it is not difficult to see why the band takes this kind of lyrical approach. Metal Discharge is one of those albums in which there is much anger and frustration expressed at the state of the world. Even if the beginning of the album isn’t as good as the previous two, it is still respectable enough even for this band’s standards. This album is by no means a musical flop but it is just more experimental thrash metal which is decent enough.

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