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Review of the Album "Mass Produced Perfection" by Greek Thrash Metal Band Typhus

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About the Band Typhus and Their Debut Album Mass Produced Perfection

Mass Produced Perfection is the 2020 and debut album by Greek thrash metal band Typhus and if you have been following the development of the Greek thrash metal scene, I am sure that you are aware on some level that the scene in Greece is growing, probably faster than any one of us expected it to. Typhus is the newest addition to that thrash metal movement in Greece. Their debut album has really high-pitched vocals similar to bands such as Fastkill though in this album, the vocals are not of the screeching, annoying type but rather like some of the Brazilian thrash metal bands such as Attomica.

Analysis of the Song Krieg Sanity

“Krieg Sanity” with its audible bass line sounds like a modern version of Testament minus the rough vocals. The album’s title is a rather interesting one given that few thrash metal albums would approach anything that describes perfection.

There are those kinds of albums that have that sort of “wow” kind of factor that really get you interested from the get go. Mass Produced Perfection may indeed be one of those thrash metal albums. “Serpents of an Aberrant Reality” is the song that starts off this album and the beginning consists of piano keys being tapped on as it has this sort of suspenseful feel similar to the type of albums we would have heard from King Diamond. However it does not stay that way for long as the song develops into a modern thrash metal song that should appeal to anyone that craves speed metal. Stylistically, this first song has one of those screams that metal fans hear from certain bands and in this case, it is not a bad thing but rather it shows that Typhus is ready to play thrash metal and not some cheesy style of metal. Lyrically the song is complex but is about what happens in a society in which the people have lost their minds and are socially diseased.


The Only Flaw for the Album Mass Produced Perfection

The only flaw perhaps to this album is the fact that the instrumental song called "Assimilate" is too short, being just 35 seconds long. "Assimilate" is like a 1980s influenced progressive metal song if you can even call it that because it is just so short.

"Mass Produced Perfection" Full Album

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An Album Like Mass Produced Perfection Shows the Evolution of Thrash Metal Becoming Better

Even so, having such a song as "Assimilate" helps to break up the monotony of the same style of metal for one album. It shows that 2020 for thrash metal is a stark contrast to the 1980s or even early 1990s when thrash metal was structured in the style of speed or groovy thrash and or even the newer style of thrash such as Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. But what is on the album Mass Produced Perfection is decent modern thrash that is far superior to groovy thrash metal of the 1990s. It is time to welcome other nations into the thrash metal community and Greece is no exception!

Final Thoughts About the Album Mass Produced Perfection

Mass Produced Perfection is an example of an album that shows just how much thrash metal has matured since the 1980s and even much of the 1990s. This is modern thrash and you can tell by the fact that there is melody infused into even the solos. In terms of the vocals by Kostas Korg who also plays the bass, they can be better but they are not out of pitch. The pitch level is especially important in the genre of thrash metal. “Terrorzone” is a song that has the style of a more modern Holy Moses. Even in songs such as “Asylum of Deviants” the bass line complements the guitar pretty well as we hear bass taps in the song. “Pride Breaker” is a song about what happens when a nation is led into an unjust kind of war as they become a bunch of fools doing the bidding of their politicians. If you enjoy Brazilian influenced thrash metal like Attomica with a touch of Kreator influence fused into the album Mass Produced Perfection, then this 36 minutes of modern thrash metal is worth your time spent.

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