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Review of the Album "Mane Attraction" by the Hard Rock Band White Lion

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How Does the Album "Mane Attraction" Begin?

Mane Attraction is the 1991 studio album by Danish and American hard rock band White Lion. For those of you that really enjoyed their albums Pride and Big Game, this one is a little heavier than those two but how good is White Lion’s last official full-length release? "Lights and Thunder" starts this album in a slow fashion before speeding up. In life, we have to do what it takes to bring ourselves to a sort of harmony where we can live in peace even among our enemies and those that have hurt us. Forgiveness is not easy to do but it is the way to help put the past behind and focus on the beauty of this present moment.

Mane Attraction Album Cover

The photo shows the picture of a theater and this symbolizes that White Lion was the main attraction.

The photo shows the picture of a theater and this symbolizes that White Lion was the main attraction.

Commentary About the Song Lights and Thunder Continued

Lights and Thunder has a sort of thunderous drum beat as the song builds into a decent hard rock tune. There will be thunder and there will be times in life when we wonder what is going on. Obviously, Mane Attraction is not as solid of an album in the beginning compared to White Lion’s 1987 album called Pride. I don’t think that any song on Mane Attraction is as great as the song called Hungry but nonetheless, Mane Attraction is a very good release from White lion and you are about to see why.

Several of the Songs on Mane Attraction Focus on Love and Relationships

For those of you that are interested in love because you are in love with a significant other, there are quite a few love songs on Mane Attraction. Broken Heart is an awesome rock song about life going on even after we have had our hearts broken. After our hearts are broken, we have to somehow pick up the pieces and start life with a fresh perspective. It is said that everything happens for a reason and usually happens for the better. Leave Me Alone is one of the weaker songs on Mane Attraction and it has that late 1980’s Savatage kind of feel to it. The song is about not caring if others like us or not. We are our own person and we have to live life the way that we see fit. People always like to put certain labels on us and that’s just not a fair thing to do. The next love song on this album called Love Don’t Come Easy is a song about the question of whether love is difficult to make last or not. Is it really that hard to find love? It is one of those deep questions that doesn’t really have a straight answer. We don’t need love to complete us because each of us has to feel whole first. You’re All I Need is a love ballad that really is about how many of us feel about our special someone. Most of us desire to spend the rest of our lives with that special someone but let us not forget that everything on this Earth and in this life is temporary. Upon our deaths, we will have to part from the one that we love. So please enjoy your lives as much as possible whether you are in love or not. Nothing lasts forever so we have to make the most of our lives whether we are rich or “poor.” Wealth is relative but the focus of the article has been about the lyrical themes of the songs on Mane Attraction.

"Blue Monday"

Mane Attraction: the Second Half of the Album

Expanding on the theme of love and relationships, the song called It’s Over is a song about what to do when the person we love walks out on us and it is all over. There is nothing we can do sometimes and we just have to realize that some relationships are permanently over and no matter how much we want or ex back, she won’t be back. Warsong is probably the heaviest song on this album as there is the sound of gunfire and helicopters. Sometimes when soldiers are sent off to war, they wonder what they are fighting for? The price that soldiers pay for is endless war. No one ever “wins” in a war and the only ones that really win are the defense contractors and the companies that make the weapons. She’s Got Everything is another rock song about going to a party and meeting someone that we feel has everything that we could possibly seek in a person. Even if they seem sweet, we have to be careful as to who we associate with.

Favorite White Lion Album

"Broken Heart"

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Final Thoughts About the Album Mane Attraction

Out With the Boys is another hard rock song about being out with the boys and having fun in our life. Blue Monday is a very nice blues style song to break up the monotony of the heavy rock songs that you have heard on this album so far. Overall, “Mane Attraction” is a solid album from this Danish and American band but it is still not as good as 1987’s Pride which I feel was their peak as a band.


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