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Review of the Album "Machete Justice" by Terrordome

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Terrordome 2nd Studio Album Is Not Just Any Kind of Thrash Metal Album

Poland’s thrash metal band Terrordome has been in the music business since 2005 and their 2015 studio album Machete Justice is one of the heaviest albums in the history of thrash metal. The guitar riffs along with the fast drumming can really pound your ears and really give you an idea that this is not just thrash metal based on speed. It is thrash metal delivered with such musical ferocity that it is similar to Razor’s album Shotgun Justice.

Lyrical Themes of the Album

The album brings to light some of the social injustices of our time such as the lack of justice or dishonest people in songs such as “Give Me Back My Money.” The song is trying to say that there is no tomorrow and the pleas for getting the money back are relentless. You can tell by the harsh vocals.

The Significance of the Title Machete Justice

The album will be over in a flash of time before you even have the time to absorb all of the heavy riffs that will leave you in awe. It is 11 songs for just over 30 minutes of the most brutal thrash metal of the year 2015. The album’s title comes from football (soccer) fans that became hooligans and started many fights which led to injuries and sometimes deaths perpetrated by machetes.


There Is a Hidden Track In This Album

“Terror Thrash Killing Machine” is a song that tells about the album exactly as it is. These guys are a group of guys dedicated to playing hard and heavy thrash metal and in that aspect this album does not disappoint. Machete Justice is a thrash metal album that is similar to Strength Power Will Passion by Holy Moses in terms of its speed and musical brutality. This album is as the saying goes not for the faint of heart so in other words if you cannot handle the heaviness of the album then stay away. But for those fans that can handle this album be prepared to hear one of the fastest most brutal forms of thrash metal. After the last song there is a hidden track consisting of a medley of three Exodus songs with lyrics that have been slightly modified. It should be a nice musical treat for our ears after the heaviest modern thrash metal album.

More Analysis of the Songs In Machete Justice

“Crocodile” has a riff section that sounds a touch like the 1980s death metal band Death. If you are looking for a thrash metal album that has a lot of musical diversity with these different kind of musical passages then you will find this album to be a disappointing listen. If you are looking for an aggressive form of thrash metal with intense speedy riffs then you came to the right place. Then you have songs such as “Nocturnal Emission” that lyrically is about going to a party and looking for that thrill of sex but the woman described in the song is playing hard to get as it all sounded like it was a dream. "Italian Stallion" sounds so aggressive that it sounds like something that The Haunted has done for as long as I can remember.

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“Back to the ‘80s” is a song that some of us can relate to. In those days when we were in our youth and times were so different and thrash metal had its grip on the scene as the popularity of heavy metal music was at the top. Machete Justice is a thrash metal album that is a good one to listen to if you are just getting into the music of Terrordome but if you want to hear an album that is up a notch, their latest studio album Straight Outta Smogtown is a better album.

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