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Review of the Album "Lords of Destiny" by Chinese Thrash Metal Band Ancestor

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About Ancestor and Basic Introduction to Their Debut Album Lords of Destiny

Ancestor is not the same band that Kalmah used to be known as but they are a thrash metal band from Beijing, China. Yes, even in China there is heavy metal music that exists. Ancestor is described as being influenced by the Teutonic style off thrash metal such as Kreator and Sodom. The good news is that for those of you that don’t have much patience to sit through a long thrash metal album, this one is right for you. The album Lords of Destiny has nine songs with just over 36 minutes of Teutonic style thrash. Ancestor has a chance to really blossom in the future and this debut album of theirs is a very promising start to their career. Though you would think that they should have released more material because they were formed back in 2007. They only have one mini album and one full length album.

About the Main Style of Lords of Destiny

Listening to this album enough, you notice the old-school thrash metal feel that it has, similar to Japan’s Sacrifice though the vocals are not as bad as that band. I look at this album as a 2018 metal album that is modern that it might as well have been made in the 1990s so even though it is “newer” album it still has that early 1990s feel to it too.

"Deathlike Silence"

About the Songwriting in "Lords of Destiny"

The way and manner in which this album starts you would all of a sudden think that the musicianship is coming from a Swedish or German kind of band because of the beautiful acoustic part in the instrumental song “Rise of Sin.” Songs such as “Deathlike Silence” tell us lyrically about the nature of life. Time passes us by and the song is saying for us to not miss the past but to cherish the moment that we do have. The next song “Bloody Repression” has that total Kreator vibe to it and for those of you that are familiar with Kreator will be able to notice the influence that they have left on so many bands. The song “Pain and Hate” lyrically is about two of the most common feelings in the world that are present in some people. We will all grow old as the song says as well and it tells us to not be afraid of growing old.

A Very Good Debut by the Band Ancestor But Not Quite An Elite Thrash Metal Album

The vocals do actually have a similarity to Mille Petrozza as well. Songs such as "Tormentor" sound also kind of hardcore such as the band Municipal Waste. I also hear a sort of later Judas Priest influence in this song as well. Listening to Lords of Destiny about four times through, it is a really good debut album by these Chinese guys but it does not get a score in the 90s because it is not quite creative enough for long enough to deserve that kind of score.

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