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Review of the Album "Litany" by Death Metal Band Vader

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Litany is Not Much Different From Other Vader Albums But It is Still Good

2021 has been an interesting year of musical discovery for this writer. The next album we will be reviewing is the album Litany released in the year 2000 by the Polish death metal band Vader and this one is their 4th full length album. Lyrically, the band’s songs are pretty much still about demons and deities but this is one band in which their lyrics do not bring down your mood. Vader are a group of guys that know how to create a musical atmosphere that makes a listener impressed. The growls are still there and the bass drums are still present as well.

Litany is a Special Song As Well

“Litany” the song is said to be a song that has a title that can mean different things to different people. And of course, conquering our hatred is one of the keys to living a happier, more fulfilled life. So for Vader to suggest that we practice love over hatred, that is a very wise idea and it gives off the impression that these guys are not a band that advocates evil things or evil forces.

What Kind of Album is Litany?

As usual, the vocal style is similar to early Arch Enemy and that’s a good thing. Litany is not an album that is melodic death metal but it is death metal with solid bass drums that really clicks for the avid fan of the death metal genre that enjoys a shorter album.


About the Songs in Litany

“Wings” is a song that sounds like early Dark Tranquilllity without the elite melodic parts that defined that era but the album isn’t too far past that 1990s era of melodic death metal. Lyrically, the song is about a person that asks why he has a pair of wings. “Xefer” the song that is actually pronounced “Khefer” and it means “I have come into being.” The song is trying to say that the responsibility for the evolution of the person’s psyche is in the person’s hands. It is said that meaning can only come from the individual person. Or can it? “Cold Demons” is a song that lyrically is discussing something that has been made by humans that is now fighting against humans to the detriment of mankind. The song describes this other force as being demons made of steel and flesh. Litany may be the best release from Poland’s Vader in their early career. “North” is not only a geographical direction and coordinate but it can also be about a person being in a place and time where the walls are closing down on them and they are in a world of hurt. “Forwards to Die!!!” is another song where there is a massive riff barrage musically and Vader doesn’t let up in the speed department but they make it sound like the songs fit in their albums.


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