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Review of the Album Life Sentence by Greek Thrash Metal Band Violent Definition

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About the Band Violent Definition and Their Musical Style

Violent Definition is a thrash metal band from Athens Greece and these guys are kind of like old-school thrash metal and the vocals sound like former US thrash metal band Hexen. This band doesn’t really have a huge amount of work released even though they have been active since 2008. Their only studio album called Life Sentence is straight ahead modern groovy thrash kind of similar to Finland’s Mental Care Foundation.

The album's cover shows a man trying to get rid of himself surrounded by a church in the background as a mother is with her two children surrounded by a priest.

The album's cover shows a man trying to get rid of himself surrounded by a church in the background as a mother is with her two children surrounded by a priest.

Greece is a Country With a Growing Thrash Metal Scene

The band’s name is hardly the kind that you would expect from a band. The vocals are such that the words are uttered at a faster rate than Hexen’s were so it is a good idea to have the lyrics handy and follow along as you listen to these guys. I am glad that Greece is a country beginning to have a thrash metal scene richer than we are used to knowing about. I’m not going to say that Greece will be as popular with heavy metal as Germany, Sweden, Finland or even the United States but they should have a decent amount of thrash metal originate and become a reality. Greeks need something to cheer about because they have been struggling in other areas of life.

"Slaves of Obsession" Music Video

Life Sentence: the Rest of the Album Review & Score

“Distorted Life” is a song that lyrically expresses rage and frustration with the modern work culture as every day is filled with the same things to do in order to serve the corporate masters that get wealthy off of their employees. The song advocates a massive change to the current status quo and this may be one of the reasons why Donald Trump became President of the United States but that are a different topic for a different day. The song is just a musical way of expressing rage and frustration with the current system. The biggest con for this album is that the vocals tend to be of the same fast style and there is hardly any change in the riffing style. The album is all about speed so for those guitar players that want to hear an album loaded with speed from start to finish, Life Sentence is an album that definitely will satisfy your tastes. Lyrically the album focuses on the major flaws of some politicians and the flaws of the modern work culture and in a way you could make the case that the album is advocating for proper social change. Life Sentence the title track lyrically brings to light the fact that there is a sense that we are born into a world of degradation to be pawns of the current system. It may seem to be that way but we must push forward and take steps to live a more fulfilling life. Overall the album Life Sentence is a decent modern groovy thrash metal album for those just getting into the genre but it lacks variety and that extra “wow” kind of factor. It does not mean that the album is bad. It certainly is better than Mental Care Foundation or the later releases by Pantera though. Songs such as the one called Insane and So Many Lies are songs that really address the fact that it is aggravating to deal with insane people and those kinds of people that are dishonest on a pathological level.

Final score as of this first writing for the album Life Sentence: 72 points out of 100 for a C grade

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