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Review of the Album "Let There Be Blood" by Exodus

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Let There Be Blood Isn't An Official Exodus Studio Album

Let There Be Blood is not an official studio album but it is a 2008 remake of the band’s debut album Bonded by Blood. I have reviewed and analyzed this album before and have decided to give it another analysis and perspective given that in 2023 it will have been 15 years since the release of the album. The album is a tribute to the late Paul Baloff.

While Criticism May Be Justified the Album Is Still a Heavy Metal Album

Some people may be opposed to a band doing a remake of an older album because they may say that the remake does not sound as good as the original album that was released years before. While this is a legitimate gripe or complaint that some of you may have, there may be all kinds of reasons that a band may decide to re-record one of their older albums. In the case of Exodus, Gary Holt himself stated that he wanted to give the album “the benefit of modern production.” There’s nothing wrong with that especially for a band that has been one of the major defining moments of the Bay Area thrash metal scene. This is the third album that Rob Dukes did the vocals on and he really is a great vocalist in terms of being good enough for speedy, heavy thrash metal like this.

"Bonded by Blood" Rob Dukes Vocal Version

Let There Be Blood Is a Far Better Album Than It Is Thought To Be

The website Metal Archives gives an average rating of 29% for those that have reviewed the album. This remake has come under much criticism but if you really give it a chance you will see that this is not an attempt by Exodus to make a last ditch cash grab. Let There Be Blood gets a rating far higher than 29% and you are about to see why this is the case. The album is better produced and it still has the same speed and aggression that defined Bonded by Blood. There is very much a thrash metal element to this remake in addition to a few parts of it being a touch more melodic than the original. One example of this is the interlude before one of the solos in the song “Metal Command.” There is no way to replace a vocal legend like Paul Baloff but Rob Dukes shows that he is pretty bad***. I’m sure most of you get what is trying to be explained here.

"Hell's Breath"

Final Thoughts About a Much Criticized Metal Album

Before we go any further with this review here is a sort of heads up disclaimer: the music of Exodus is not for everyone due to the intense and heavy nature of the guitar riffs. If you are ready to listen to the rest of this remake and can stomach it with enough courage and toughness you are tough as a person that is really tough. The one simple difference between this remake and the original Bonded by Blood is that this remake has a bonus track called “Hell’s Breath” which was a song that was on the band’s 1983 rehearsal but it was never officially released. Kirk Hammett co-wrote that song with Gary Holt. This last song is about Satan pursuing those that he considers his prey. For what it is worth, Let There Be Blood is a well-done remake of what is considered to be one of the classic metal albums of all time.

Rating: 85 points out of 100 for a solid B grade

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