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Review of the Album "Knife" by German Speed and Punk Metal Band Knife

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A Brief Introduction to the Band Called Knife

Knife is a new German punk and speed metal band that has caught my attention because of the high, screeching vocal performance which not everyone enjoys. This is neither that straightforward heavy metal nor just punk metal but a combination of types. It is screeching speed metal with a touch of rock and roll but this is not like the Finnish band Gandalf though. Providing these screeching style vocals is Benni Bronson also known as Vince Nihil.

Analysis of the Songs in the Album Knife

In this band’s debut album also called Knife “The Hallowed Chamber of Storms” has that sort of Iron Maiden feel to it as well. So this is not just an album filled with just one type of metal which may be a good thing for some listeners.

The album is off to sort of a strong start with the opener called “Behold the Horse of War.” The song slowly builds and builds before the screeches and high vocal style kick in. Lyrically the song is about using the abilities and powers of a horse to ride triumphantly into a battle. War rages and there are people that die as a result of warfare. The strongest part of the album Knife is the first half which is the first six songs. “Inside the Electric Church” is lyrically about a church that is actually a dysfunctional religious environment from which there is no return from this place. Then you have songs such as the entertaining “White Witch Black Death” which in my perspective is influenced by songs such as She Wolf and Motorbreath. At its simplest explanation, this third song is about a witch that spreads the Black Death. Come to think of it, there is a possibility that these German guys could have been influenced by the band Savatage. Does anyone remember the song White Witch? I sure do.

Analysis of the Album Cover for Knife

We also need to analyze and discuss the album’s cover. The cover has a man or warrior with a knife in his hand and he seems to be rising out of flames. Behind him in the forest are a pack of wolves that are more than likely accompanying him. The albums cover is something that is similar to the type of cover that the band Ensiferum would have. But instead of a Viking on the cover, the image on it is either a monk or just a warrior.

"Sword Loser" Official Music Video

To say that this album is another sort of gift to the musical world is partially logical and sensible due to the strength of the first half of the album. We do get to experience a temporary break from the thrash metal on this album with the short, melodic late 1980s influenced instrumental song called “1989.” Such a title for the song would be appropriate given the way that it sounds. It sounds like something you would have heard way back in 1989 with Blind Guardian’s Follow the Blind album. 1989 is a short song that actually is an asset for the second half of this album. Then there are also songs such as “Black Leather Hounds” which have a powerful chorus and this would even make Judas Priest proud. The melodic interlude/solo adds to this song.

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