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Review of the Album "Kill or Die" by Medellin Columbia Based Thrash Metal Band Tyrants

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Don't Allow the Vocals to Dissuade You From Listening to This Album

Tyrants is a thrash metal band from Medellin, Colombia and the date of their formation is not known however. Their 2021 studio album Kill or Die (what a cheesy album title right?) is a 35 minute riff fest with vocals that sound like they are of screeching cat but not really. That may be confusing for some of us to comprehend. As for the lyrical themes of the album, they are about the Roman Empire or about tyrants.


“Legion Victrix” is lyrically about Julius Caesar and how the empire must fight until the bitter end. The middle section of the song is a mix of Kreator and Iron Maiden influence. This album is scheduled to be released on January 12, 2021 so this is another new thrash metal album that is not released yet. Columbia may be one of the newest South American countries to throw its hat into the thrash metal musical ring and they join Brazil, Chile, and Ecuador as a few other countries in the region to have some kind of thrash metal presence.

About the Songwriting in the Album Kill or Die

The song “Warlord” has a guitar solo in it that reminds me of the Ride the Lightning era of Metallica. This album starts with the song “Tyrants” which lyrically tries to bring across the message that in a situation where we are being ruled by a tyrant there is no hope and the future is uncertain. Musically, this album has several kinds of influences, one of them being late 1980s Holy Moses. There is also that Teutonic thrash metal influence in this album as well and it takes a very keen eye for musical complexity to be able to spot this. “Arch of Triumph” on the other hand is a song that is more likely to resemble the modern Holy Moses influence like Strength, Power, Will, Passion. The middle section gets more melodic and exotic. History also looks back at those heroes that have prevailed in challenging and dark times. It is perhaps very fitting for this album to end with the fastest song and most technically heavy called “Killing Machine.” The song is lyrically about someone who will do anything that he can in order to achieve his goals even if that means getting rid of his opposition. The beginning of this album shows that these guys are ready to present their musical playing gift to the world. The solo in the song “Tyrants” may as well have been influenced by the band Carcass because it sounds very similar. “Fight for Your Life” is a fast yet entertaining song about how blood and tears have been used to entertain and this concept goes back to the days of the Roman Empire where in the forums slaves were killed. The weakest song in this nine song album is probably the one called “Close to Extinction” as the song has a mostly mid-tempo pace to it and the song is lyrically about there being no chance of survival in ancient times. This debut is pretty impressive from these Colombians and it is recommended for fans of Holy Moses and Iron Maiden.

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