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Review of the Album "Kairos" by Sepultura

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A Few Interesting Things About Kairos

Kairos is the 2011 studio album by Brazilian groove metal band Sepultura and it also has a cover song on it (at least the original version does). That cover song performance is the song “Just One Fix” originally written by the band Ministry. Sepultura does their own heavier version of this famous song and they do a darn good job of it too. Listening to this album makes me think that Sepultura doesn’t really need Max Cavalera to be their front man anymore. They have established a series of groove metal inspired albums that have had quite a few stellar songs on them. Kairos is also the final album to feature Jean Dolabella as the band’s drummer. He would leave the band five months after the release of Kairos.

Hearing the opening song “Spectrum” lyrically there is a reference to the fact that using a certain perspective, they (Sepultura) shook the world. By this point, if you have not gotten used to Derrick Green’s vocal style and the band’s shift from a mostly death metal band to a groove metal kind of band then Kairos will be another album that you will put to the side in disgust. “Kairos” the title track stylistically is a slower version of the song Nomad that we heard on Chaos A.D. back in 1993. The song “Mask” reveals what it has always been about for Sepultura and that has been their music. Their music has always been their voice and the way that they communicate to the world.

Kairos Is a Sort of Concept Album

There is a kind of special significance behind the album title of Kairos and guitarist Andreas Kisser explained the larger meaning behind the album’s title. The concept behind the album’s title is that of time but not chronological time. Rather, the concept and meaning of the album title Kairos is that it is an instant in time, a time of change. Kisser said that people are driven in life by their choices and that they can have many Kairos kind of moments when they go from Point A to Point B to Point C. But to reiterate what has been said here, the album’s title is not about clock time but having these special kind of moments when you realize that you are changing as a person. Andreas Kisser said that the concept of time as it relates to Kairos is not about aging, growing old or even going back in time but about those moments that can change everything. Speaking of change, the song “Dialog” is about a person that is figuring out what to do when everyone’s eyes are on them and they are faced with darker times. What can they do to resolve the situation? “Embrace the Storm” lyrically is trying to tell us that change is vital for our growth as human beings and if we do not change, we will stagnate and not evolve.

"Just One Fix" Originally Written and Performed by Ministry

Final Thoughts About Kairos

While there may be traces of the band’s older style riffs in the songs, Kairos is a modern groove metal album that sees Derrick Green sing at just the right pitch in relation to the songs. Other than the melody in the song “Born Strong” Kairos is about 95% industrial groovy thrash metal which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just depends what you prefer. If you are fine with the groovy thrash metal style of the Derrick Green era then Kairos will be more than a good enough musical experience for you.

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