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Review of the Album "Irreligious" by Portuguese Gothic Metal Band Moonspell

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Irreligious is An Album That Shows That Portugal Has a Chance to Be Better in the Metal Music Genre

Irreligious is the second studio album by famous Portuguese metal band Moonspell released back in 1996. This was the album that I always heard about through the Century Media Records catalogs but I never really took enough interest to listen to it. Fast forward a full 25 years later to 2021 and times have obviously changed. Even a small country such as Portugal has a heavy metal music scene and maybe, just maybe they can have a resurgence of metal bands like their neighbor Spain and they could join Brazil as the second Portuguese speaking nation to have a vibrant and growing metal music scene.

What is the Musical Style of Irreligious?

The album still has that death metal style growling parts in it though but that would change with their next album called Sin / Pecado in 1998. For the time period in which Irreligious was released it is logical to assume that Gothic Metal could have been in its beginning stages given the fact that other genres of metal played a more prominent role such as death metal, thrash metal, and even your traditional standard heavy metal.

"Opium" High Quality Version

About the Musical Influences and Style of Irreligious

It is in the song “For a Taste of Eternity” that vocalist Fernando sounds sort of similar to Sakis Tolis in terms of the vocal approach (yes, Sakis of the one and only band Rotting Christ). The riffing is also very reminiscent of what we would hear later such as in albums like Sleep of the Angels which would come into existence at the end of the 1990s. The sound of the guitars is very much like the album A Dead Poem which was released at basically around the same time period. One should wonder whether one of these two bands was influenced by the other. That possibility is certainly likely. The album has a sort of interesting feel to it, like a Gothic metal album can be without making you feel despondent like some albums can make us feel.

About the Songs In "Irreligious"

One song that has the potential to become a fan favorite if it isn’t already a favorite for some is the Lacuna Coil like song “Opium.” This catchy song is lyrically about the Opium flower having the potential to burn inside the person leading to a destructive consequence basically. The sound in this second album from Moonspell is very much Gothic metal in nature and stylistically it shows a bit of a departure from the band’s’ debut Wolfheart as it is less about black metal and more of the Gothic side. Lyrically, there is also a reference in this album to the demon that resides in Hell in songs such as “Mephisto” and “Herr Spiegelmann.” Is Irreligious a better album overall than Wolfheart? It also depends on the tastes of the individual.

"For a Taste of Eternity"

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