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Review of the Album "Intruder of Reality" by Chilean Crossover Thrash Metal Band Insecurity

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Here is Another Album by a Chilean Thrash Metal Band

It is probably not very often that we will find someone that is in the process of reviewing a heavy metal album even before it is going to be released. Due to The New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal YouTube channel some of us will be able to hear the debut album of Chilean crossover thrash metal band Insecurity called Intruder of Reality. Yes, once again we have a thrash metal band from a country in South America that may still need to get the word out about the fact that its thrash metal scene is slowly growing. Insecurity was formed in Santiago, Chile in 2016 and this debut is expected to be released on January 1, 2022.

Musical Influences in Intruder of Reality

At the initial listen through this album, there is a good chance that you will hear the D.R.I. influence in this album so imagine that band but a more modern sound and more melody. Yes, melody in a band is really important if they want to get out of the categorization of being a sort of musical clone or a copy and paste thrash metal band. It is said that this album is recommended for fans of D.R.I., Metallica, Excel, and Hirax among others. I also notice a sort of Acid Reign influence as there is a punk metal feel in this album too. Initially, I made the miscalculation of listening to about a few minutes of the album only to click away from it.

About the Songs in Intruder of Reality

What we have here is crossover style vocals that are modern with some very impressive guitar work. After that section, the riffing once again becomes heavier resembling a combination of thrash and punk metal similar to the album Obnoxious by Acid Reign. Even though the band’s name is Insecurity, there is nothing insecure about their musical approach. The middle of the title track has a beautiful progressive section which is a mix of acoustic and electric guitar. The fact that such an album like this will be released early next year and become a reality for the thrash metal scene, we should consider that a major gift for the genre. “The Worst of Days” in terms of its guitar style greatly resembles that of Testament so these guys are not strictly a crossover band at all but rather they are a combination of influences. I always go back to that beginning first song because this is like a picture perfect sort of way to begin an over 50 minute progressive thrash metal album. Yes, this album is not just full of crossover riffs. It is rather interesting the kinds of discoveries that you can make listening to an album multiple times. The title track has a riff section that is influenced by late 1980s Testament era.

However, in no way are these guys even remotely close to being as good because these guys are just getting started in thrash metal and they have to prove themselves. The riffing is more than respectable and these guys certainly know how to construct songs that are good enough to be on a thrash metal album. The vocals could certainly be improved on so that they would be more decipherable if that’s even a word. The lyrics are just said so fast that it is hard to keep up with what’s being uttered, but if that’s the only major issue with this album, there’s not much else to complain about.

"The Worst of Days"

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