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Review of the Album Innuendo by Finnish Power Metal Band Amberian Dawn

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Innuendo is the 6th full length studio album by Finnish power metal band Amberian Dawn and it was released in 2015. The album starts off in such a way that it may remind some listeners of the band Dreams of Sanity. Fame & Gloria is a song about a group of enchanted warriors that are reckless but they are also fearless as they embark on a mission.

The Greatness of the Album Innuendo Besides the Vocals

Capri’s vocals are more than soothing to satisfy your eardrums and the thing about Amberian Dawn is that they show that they can construct power metal that isn’t overly filled with rough production and if you liked their previous albums then you should like this one as well. It will be getting very cold in Finland soon, but their mood shouldn’t go down if fans over there get a chance to listen to the songs on this album.

A Band That Amberian Dawn May Have Been Influenced By

Songs such as Knock Knock Who’s There have that distinct “Europe” kind of feel mixed in with the keyboards. For those of you that do not recall, Europe was a Swedish hard rock band that really made a name for themselves back in the 1980s and had that distinct keyboard sound in their songs. It seems as if Amberian Dawn was influenced by these guys. Listening through Innuendo can make you feel as if these songs are packaged into one big gift that will enable you to enjoy them both in good times and bad.

A Comment About the Keyboard Sound In Innuendo

The keyboard play in Innuendo is something that should definitely be praised as it is not as “forced” as the band Rhapsody of Fire might have done. That’s not to say that Rhapsody of Fire is a bad metal band. It is just that their sound is a bit more muted and or muffled whereas Amberian Dawn’s production is heavy and crisp.

There is a song in this album called Angelique and no it is not the song by the band Theatre of Tragedy but this one may as well have been inspired by the animated movie The Beauty and the Beast in terms of its ballad like structure. The song lyrically is most likely about someone that has a flaws soul or spirit and is asking for forgiveness. Capri does not have the towering, operatic style voice of Tarja Turunen but she is soothing and pleasant at the same time.

Amberian Dawn Offers More Than Just Good Music

As it is said in the song Fame & Gloria, someone, some force must show us the light and lead the way towards the good. One thing is for sure: Capri and her vocals can lead the way through this impressive release! The song Ladyhawk can motivate us to have strong faith even in the darkest of days and that is something that music can do for us. It has the power to soothe and heal us at times. Some people say that life is a game, but for me, life is a beautiful experience and journey to some of the best things that this life has to offer.

Final Thoughts About the Album Innuendo

Regardless of the fantasy themed lyrics, Innuendo is a rather enjoyable listen and which Amberian Dawn album isn’t. Even the song River of Tuoni which brings tears to my eyes is still an enjoyable song and that one is over 12 years old. What is the final thought about Innuendo two listens through? It may be as good as Magic Forest but it is also nice to see Amberian Dawn exploring territory that would have been unknown to them in the late 2000s.

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