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Review of the Album "Inhuman Nature" by British Thrash Metal Band Inhuman Nature

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Inhuman Nature a New Breed of British Thrash Metal

Inhuman Nature is a new British thrash metal band that was formed in 2017 in the city of London. Although they are classified as a thrash metal and hardcore band, they are definitely a thrash metal band and their only studio album of the same name is the only release they have put out so far. After listening to Xentrix, I found out about this band and decided to give their music a listen.


The Vocals Are a Hybrid of Two Different Styles

The album is like the kind that has vocals which are not totally thrash metal in nature, nor are the vocals entirely of a rough death metal kind but the vocals are similar to the Finnish thrash metal band Wherevictimslie.

Inhuman Nature How Does the Album Begin?

This album begins with the song Taste of Steel as it builds up into a song that is about the fact that a person’s destination appears to be nowhere as humanity has been cracked and met its last gasp. This is trying to signify the end of the world even though human life has been around for thousands of years. I can sense that this first song in terms of the riffing is a more modern feel of the album Reign in Blood.

Inhuman Nature: the Other Songs

Carnivorous Lunar Activities is a song that is trying to say that we create both our own heaven and hell. The song is definitely influenced by the band Slayer. “The Hangman Draws Near” lyrically once again is about the potential end of human life as we know it as it seems to hang in the balance. Politicians in some cases play the fear card as they try to do what they can to convince their supporters that certain steps must be taken to preserve their hold onto power as things seem to hang in the balance. But just like the band Fabulous Desaster from Germany, Inhuman Nature is a band that does not deviate very much from their style of thrash and this can make things stale and old musically. This band is a combination of Slayer and the mentioned Finnish thrash metal band with a very long name. Lines in the Sand finally sees this band put a brief melody section in the song as the song is very much an anti-war song as when countries fight wars for selfish reasons, this does not bode well for the human race as a whole.

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Bottom line: Inhuman Nature is a decent thrash metal group but something is missing from the album so it does not have that impressive wow factor. Even so, this is a decent release from this new British band.

First grade as of this first analysis: 75 points out of 100 for a C grade.

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