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Review of the Album "Inherent Brutality" by German Thrash Metal Band Annexation

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About the Band Annexation and the Style of the Album Inherent Brutality

Annexation is a really heavy thrash metal band from Berlin, Germany and they are one of the newcomers to the growing, expanding, vibrant German metal scene having been formed in 2016. Their debut album Inherent Brutality is a mixture of thrash metal with death metal style vocals. Imagine having heavy thrash metal with vocals that sound like Jari Maenpaa and this is how the music on this album is like. Out of the gate comes the first song “A.T.R.” this song stylistically is a combination of Napalm Death grindcore combined with thrash to create a somewhat energetic kind of musical experience. The way that this album starts out is well, a blazing fast speed fest as the song is about what happens in a world that is blinded by propaganda instead of a world that is formed on the basis of truth. There is this plan in a world like this to exclude those that are the righteous.


More About the Style of the Album Inherent Brutality

Besides, Annexation is a German band and I have never heard a single German metal or rock band that is bad and that is because of the dedication that Germans have to the art of making music. They do it so well that it is like an art form that lasts the test of time. Inherent Brutality has bass guitar work that is so superb that any professional bassist would be proud of what is present on here. Lyrically, Annexation is not quite like the band Cannibal Corpse but a notch below that. Even so, an open minded listener would not allow questionable lyrics to prevent them from listening to what is excellent modern thrash with death metal vocals. Annexation is a band that is built on speed and razor sharp riffing but these are riffs that fit very well with the structure of the songs. Basically this album is like a modern kind of Reign in Blood with solos mixed in and this is basically thrash metal.

Basically this album is like early Ensiferum style vocals but instead of metal with folk based themes what you get is thrash metal with the mentioned razor sharp riffs with a solo mixed in.

Annexation Band Photo


Final Thoughts About the Album Inherent Brutality

“The Beast” lyrically is similar to the Judas Priest song “Nightcrawler” from over 30 years ago. Perhaps the biggest con to this album is the lack of melody that is present in other similar kind of albums. But for those of you that crave music that is really played fast and has a good modern sound, then this album is good enough. But if you are looking for thrash metal that’s more melodic with different passages then this album will be a bitter disappointment.

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"Craving for Flesh"

A Map of Berlin, Germany Where the Band Annexation is From


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Ara Vahanian (author) from LOS ANGELES on January 31, 2021:

Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment. Well, it can have different melodies depending upon the artist. This is a genre of music that is getting worldwide exposure. If I can encourage others to see that there are more types of music than they may be accustomed to then that's a good thing. Have a nice day.

Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on January 30, 2021:

Thrash metal is very interesting, especially the way you explain it. It seems to me though, that it plays with just one melody and they intersect it with different types of sounds. Forgive me, I'm a boomer. But whether or not something is my cup of tea, I'm always glad to have a new and unique flavor.

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