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Review of the Album "Infernal Overkill" by German Thrash Metal Band Destruction

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About the Debut Album of the Band Destruction

Infernal Overkill released in 1985 is the album that started it all for one of the big four German thrash metal bands called Destruction. Since I had already listened to their 3rd studio release, you could say I was more than curious to hear what their debut offered. The style is heavy and really raw, resembling traces of black metal/rock and there is still more than enough melody present in this debut to make it more than enjoyable.

A Brief Analysis of the Sound Quality for the Album Infernal Overkill

The sound quality of this debut is actually quite similar to that of Exodus’ Bonded by Blood which is understandable considering that both of these albums came out in 1985 in the middle of a sort of thrash metal revolution if you can call it that.


The Lyrical Themes of the Album Infernal Overkill

The lyrical themes are also similar to the kind that were usually covered at that time which are about evil. Satanism, nuclear war and other similar subjects. Stylistically, you might notice a similarity to the album called Don’t Break the Oath but imagine that kind of style but in thrash metal and that is what we hear on this debut. However, I prefer the music of the band Destruction to anything that was released by Mercyful Fate even though they are two different styles of metal. It is just that this German band is more lyrically diverse and they don’t always focus on lyrics about evil forces or spirits because their lyrical approach would change after this debut album.

"Bestial Invasion"

About the Songs in Infernal Overkill

The beginning of the album with that screaming vocal part and then the sharp riffing in the song “Invincible Force” is very reminiscent of the types of albums that were made back then. Songs such as “Death Trap” have a very good 1980s style lead guitar section and this only adds to the greatness of this album.

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There is also an instrumental song in this album called “Thrash Attack” and this is one of those songs that at first listen may leave you wondering if it was given the wrong title because it certainly isn’t a fast song by any means. However, near the end of the song it speeds up and then ends with a few repeating riff sections.

"Thrash Attack"

A Very Good Start for the Band Destruction But This Album is Not Their Best

If there is a con to this debut album by Destruction, it is not lyrically diverse enough because there is too much emphasis on topics as the rise of Satan (Antichrist is a song that covers this lyrical theme). Otherwise this is a good start for the career of this German band. Musically this is not some sort of test drive by these German guys but rather it is an example of the kind of thrash metal that was worked on at the time.

Final rating for the band Destruction’s debut album as of this writing: 85 points out of 100 for a solid B grade.

Favorite Song on the Album Infernal Overkill

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