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Review of the Album "Infernal Connection" by Polish Thrash Metal Band Acid Drinkers

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Poland's Acid Drinkers is a Refreshing Combination of Thrash Metal, Punk, and Hardcore

Acid Drinkers is one of the earliest thrash metal bands in the Polish metal scene, having made their debut way back in 1986. I have always had an interest in the Polish metal scene so it was very natural to have the desire to write an album review about an album released by these guys. We are analyzing the 1994 album called Infernal Connection. Acid Drinkers is described as a combination of thrash metal and hardcore. For 1994 standards, the guitar sound is pretty good and heavy. Infernal Connection also has this kind of punk related feel to it and is definitely heavier than Acid Reign’s album Obnoxious.

Acid Drinkers Provides Diversity to the Polish Metal Music Scene

I briefly listened to Acid Drinkers years ago but never really got into their music but now with the resurgence of heavy metal throughout Europe it is fair to give these guys a chance. Acid Drinkers definitely has better thrash metal than Whiplash or D.R.I. Poland is not just a nation that is famous for technical death metal but their black metal and thrash metal should be given consideration as well. Some of you may be shaking your heads and wondering what these guys are all about with a band name such as Acid Drinkers. Acid Drinkers do not do over the top screams and unnecessary vocal parts like Mike Muir may have done back in the day and they also manage to keep their lyrics pretty clean if you know what I mean.

Listening to the music of the band Acid Drinkers feels like drinking a refreshing bottle of water.

Listening to the music of the band Acid Drinkers feels like drinking a refreshing bottle of water.

Why Should Thrash Metal Fans Listen to Infernal Connection?

Infernal Connection doesn’t have any ballads but it is an album that has heavy guitars that fit well within the context of the songs. The vocals are also a good fit for this style of thrash which is heavy industrial kind of thrash. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, this album is definitely better than the album Cleansing by a solid margin. The fast riffing song "Backyard Bandit" is an example of an industrial thrash song that works not just in terms of its speed but you get the sense that the song flows.

"Hiperenigmatic Stuff of Mr. Nothing"

I sense a sort of Acid Reign and Metallica influence in the opening song called "Hiperenigmatic Stuff of Mr. Nothing." The song is about rebelling against someone who thinks that they are the best but that they are putting across excess pride which will only be to their detriment. There is also a noticeable heavy industrial sound in this album that I actually heard in Lacuna Coil’s Karmacode album. Listening through Infernal Connection, you can witness that the heaviness of the guitars makes enough sense from a musical standpoint that they are not too rough or muffled. In other words, the heavy guitars are not drowned out with the vocals or bass or any of the other instruments.

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Acid Drinkers More Than Likely Influenced Bands Such as Lacuna Coil and Hatesphere

One example of riffing that more than likely would have influenced Lacuna Coil to go in a heavier and more industrial direction is the song called "Slowed and Stoned (Method of Yonash)." There is another riffing section after some of the vocals that also sounds like what Danish death and thrash metal band Hatesphere would write in their career. It is this heavy, chunky, industrial riffing style which actually works out in the favor of Acid Drinkers.

"Backyard Bandit"

Final Thoughts About the Album Infernal Connection

However, there is the song "Drug Dealer" with its heavy and sometimes atmospheric style with chants of “drug dealer” and just one lyrical line on the whole song. Some fans may view this as a bad thing but the song is one of the simpler thrash songs in any album. There is very little to complain about with regards to 1994’s Infernal Connection and even the title track which is soft in the beginning and is a very creative attempt by these Polish guys and then it transitions to a heavy song with a pretty decent kind of guitar soloing is also a good song. Other notable songs on Infernal Connection include "Anybody Home??!!", as well as "The Joker." In the case of that second song, it is a song that is trying to send the message that we should all use our brains and our wisdom to properly “test” our imagination and properly try to visualize and plan our goals.

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