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Review of the Album "Inequality" by Costa Rican Thrash Metal Band Chemicide

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A Photo of a Homeless Man Which Symbolizes the Album's Title Inequality


Yes There Is Thrash Metal In Costa Rica

Inequality is the third studio album by Costa Rican thrash metal band Chemicide. It seems that thrash metal is expanding all across the world and this genre has found its way to Costa Rica!

The Album Inequality Starts With the Song of the Same Name

The first song Inequality starts with some narration about 2 California police officers that will not face criminal charges even though they killed an unarmed black man. This is a form of inequality right there. The title track starts that way and this is a way that the band attempts to point out that in this world, there are certain groups of people are treated very unfairly by the police force.

Inequality is an Album That Tries to Tell Us How the Elites Don't Want Us to Succeed

Altered Reality is a song that talks about various social problems such as economic disasters, political manipulation and the fact that the world is in a state of chaos and disorder. Is the world really in a state of decay as the song says? Well, it is really about how we perceive our world to be. Indoctrination is a song that addresses the fact that from the moment we are born and brought into this world that we are expected to believe and think exactly how the world wants us to think and believe. It is a form of socialization. We are expected to view the world in a certain way and the elites want to control our minds. Conditioned Liberty is a song that lyrically tells the story of how humans are exploited all around the world and that exploitation surrounds us everywhere we go it seems. The middle section riff reminds us of once again the German thrash band Kreator. State of Emergency may be the fastest song on this album that is only just not even 30 minutes long. The drums are kind of fast and there is a sort of tapping feel but they are not double bass drums. As we mentioned earlier, the elites of the world don’t want us to succeed and they make us become puppets of the system. Rebellion Manifesto has a heavy riff that continues and the lead guitar is playing alongside it as the band wants to let us know something. The song wants to tell us that sometimes what we may think is a distorted reality that doesn’t always tell the truth.

One song we did not address in the course of this review is the song called Paralysis and this one starts out with some basic, simple acoustic guitar and then the riffing becomes a little more complex. Once again, I hear the influence of the Enemy of God era Kreator in this one and a little bit of Metallica in here as well. Overload is a fast and heavy and fast song that is about what happens when politicians lie so incessantly. Inequality isn’t a perfect thrash metal album but it is one that will satisfy fans of Metallica and Kreator.

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