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Review of the Album "Incesticide" by Nirvana

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This Compilation Album Begins With the Song "Dive"

Incesticide is the 1992 studio album by alternative rock band Nirvana and sometimes we don’t think that we will review certain albums only to end up reviewing them later. The album is actually a compilation kind of album which has a variety of songs ranging from demos to covers. Based on the fact that this is a compilation album, some people may not consider this to be an official Nirvana album. The album opens up with the song called "Dive" which is on the single called "Sliver." Dive is a song that basically addresses the single life in a sort of humorous way. This album does not start off as strongly as Bleach or Nevermind did. But just how good is Incesticide?


A Brief Comment About the Guitar Sound on the Song "Sliver"

"Sliver" is a popular song but the chorus repeating itself constantly can be a con for this song. Your question might be how is the guitar sound compared to the band’s previous works? Given the fact that Incesticide has songs that were recorded in different sessions, the sound of the songs varies. But if you are ready to take a musical trip down memory lane, here with go with Nirvana’s Incesticide.

"Sliver" Music Video

Some More Commentary About the Songs Including "Aero Zeppelin"

"Sliver" is a song about a kid that is dropped off at his grandfather’s place even though he refuses to go there and he wants his grandmother to take him home. Even now Incesticide is an entertaining sort of listen even if the lyrics don’t always make sense. "Turnaround" is a song about someone that has turned out to have done nothing beneficial in his life and he is going nowhere and just wasting his life. "Molly’s Lips" is a song about a woman that promises to stay with her lover and take him anywhere as long as he keeps a clean image. "New Wave Polly" is a re-done version of the song Polly on the Nevermind album. A bird wants a cracker so he gets off her back to give her some water because apparently she is thirsty. "Beeswax" is a song about a person that feels that they have to do things their way. "Downer" is the last song off of the album Bleach and Kurt Cobain may have been really frustrated with the direction that the world was going in when he wrote this song. "Mexican Seafood" is a song that isn’t even about Mexican food but it is about someone that is paying a prostitute for sex and you can get an infection from this sort of activity. "Aero Zeppelin" is actually a song that questions the idea that some people have about love and it also says that don’t forget the accomplishments of yesterday that brought you to where you are now.

"Stained" and "Big Long Now"

"Stained" may as well be a humorous way to describe a person that never amounts to anything in his or her life because he or she does not read, does not draw and is a stain on society. "Big Long Now" sounds more atmospheric in nature and it is about a couple that are wondering if they can show their faces now. Is this relationship based on a lie? We will never know as the lyrics don’t seem to have logic in them.

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Has "Incesticide" Stood the Test of Time?

As we revisit this album in 2022, is the sentiment different than before? Some of the songs on this album were previously unreleased. Incesticide certainly gets off to a very good start with Sliver and Stain being elite songs out of the first three.

The album may provide nostalgia for some of us that were old enough to hear the music on this album back then. The record company Geffen did not want to promote this album due to what they felt was because of Nirvana getting burnt out as a group. In spite of the reluctance of Geffen to promote the album, we got to witness a different side of Nirvana that we perhaps had not seen before. That might have been the case until the LIVE CD Unplugged in New York.

Strongest Song In the Album Incesticide

"Incesticide" Is an Album That Can Grow On You

In an interesting sort of way, I actually enjoy Incesticideas an album more now than at any other time after hearing it, especially even 15 years ago. The album is a way for members of Nirvana to express themselves in a way that we did not see them do before.

The final song on this album "Aneurysm" is an extremely catchy song and this one is about a person that is really struggling to curb or control their addiction or dependency on drugs. The song slowly builds up and becomes a typical great alternative rock song of the early part of the 1990s.

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