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Review of the Album "in the Dark… We Trust!" by Italian Heavy Metal Band Overwhelm

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Say Hello to Genoa Italy's Heavy Metal Band Overwhelm

We now have another newer metal band that has made its entry into the thrash metal scene and that band is Italy’s Overwhelm having been active since 2011. Looking at the album’s cover plus hearing the sound of the album which is largely influenced by mid 1990s era Megadeth I knew I had to take a listen to the music of this band’s second studio album called In the Dark… We Trust! The style of this album is in the vein of albums such as Countdown to Extinction, Cryptic Writings, and even Kill ‘em All. As a special dedication, we dedicate this album review to the people of Italy that have been through their own hardships as a result of the current world situation.

"Still Evil"

Initial Analysis of the Songs

The main riff of the title track is mid-tempo but it still sounds like something we would have heard in the old days. The song isn’t fast enough to be considered thrash metal in the literal sense but the vocals are audible and melodic. Instead of saying “in the dark we trust” we should say in these Italians we trust because they know how to still make things musically interesting. These guys will not overwhelm you with breakneck speed at one million miles an hour like so many bands have the tendency to do but they know how to write something that sounds like heavy metal but is not overwhelming to your eardrums. The song “In the Dark… We Trust” also has a section that stylistically resembles the song Sweating Bullets. With the entry of Genoa Italy’s Overwhelm into the sub-genre of thrash metal, they give rise to the Italian metal scene and they are able to somehow keep the metal music tradition going after these older metal bands retire. Let us be optimistic that these Italian guys can keep the thrash metal scene going in the right direction. “The Way to Myself” has the feel of a much more modern Hit the Lights or "Motorbreath" kind of song if that makes sense.

The song “Another Place” stylistically has that 1997 Megadeth feel to it as the song lyrically is trying to give us the message that although life is tough sometimes we must never give up and keep on going. The first guitar solo in the song may have the feel of 1980s Blind Guardian which really isn’t a bad thing at all.

Give the Band Overwhelm a Chance

Unlike other Italian thrash metal bands such as Hyades or Thrash Bombz that try to pummel your ears with intensity, Overwhelm play a style of metal that is mid-tempo with vocals that can be easily understood while being influenced by bands that more than likely influenced them. These qualities can make for a musical recipe of success. Don’t let the accent of vocalist and guitarist Roberto Belli turn you away because in spite of his accent, he shows that he can sing in a way that you can understand him.

Final Thoughts About This Long Album Title from the Band Overwhelm

What is presented on this album is not overly complex thrash metal or something that focuses only on speed. Much of it is concentrated on being a mid-tempo guitar riff approach while sounding like Megadeth did in the 1990s as we mentioned. There are bands have to try and carry on the musical legacy that these older bands will leave behind as they retire. The beginning of the title track sounds like the song Blackmail the Universe. The melodic vocals add a nice touch to the song as the 2004 era Megadeth riff continues. However, there is a softer section that is actually quite relaxing as that riff reminds me of Pantera’s “Hollow” song. Then the song speeds up again followed by a guitar solo. How else can we explain this sophomore effort by these Italians? Well, what can be said is that they do try to add melody into the album while also not relying primarily on speed which is a huge plus! This album is recommended for fans of late 1990s until 2004 Megadeth.

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"In the Dark... We Trust" Song

Overwhelm Band Discography

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Overwhelm (self-titled)


In the Dark... We Trust!

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