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Review of the Album "Impression of Chaos" by the One Man Thrash Metal Band Anvilhammer

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Say Hello to Thrash Metal In the Country of New Zealand

Anvilhammer is one of the newest entrants into the vast thrash metal scene and this is basically a one man band or solo project. The person playing all the instruments and providing lead vocals is Joel Facon. He is from Auckland, New Zealand. Upon finding out that even New Zealand has entered into the thrash metal community, I was impressed!

About the Songs In This Debut by Anvilhammer

The name of this album is Impression of Chaos. Stylistically, there are both thrash metal and groove metal elements in this debut album. The influences that come to my mind are Machine Head and the band Annihilator. The vocals also sound a little bit like Mikael Stanne. The first song or track called “Dead Weight (Intro)” starts with the sound of nails being hit by a hammer until the Machine Head thrash and groove riffing influence comes in. “March of the Anvilhammer” is the song that truly begins this album with thrash metal and the vocals. The song “Generations” brings up a very important question for the modern era and it is in the lyrics when Joel sings “What are we doing wrong?” It is a fair question to be asked in the world in 2022 because it feels like we are singing the same old song and doing the same old dance as corporations are taking advantage of their employees. The song “Contract” has a Slayer and Annihilator feel to it. “Visions of the Dividend” lyrically is about what happens when politicians make the wrong decisions. “Feel the Fire” lyrically makes the point again that often times when those in power try to control things, they will make decisions that will affect the population. As Joel sings in the song “Politicians fan the flames.” Unfortunately, this is an occurrence that has been happening in that sector too many times to count. “Silence” is one of those songs in which even though there is the incessant repetition of the chorus it is done powerfully without being forced.

Analysis of the Cover for "Impressions of Chaos"

The cover for the album has the picture of a doll similar to the character Chucky. It has a hammer in its hands trying to put some nails into a teddy bear. It is in a messy room surrounded by other dolls and various cards that you would find in a card deck if you were playing a card game. The cover is at least trying to present the image of what a chaotic situation might look like.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, an album’s cover may represent accurately what the finished content sounds like but in this case, this album is not a chaotic mess. It is a very good modern day groovy thrash metal album all done by one man. However, it is not groovy so much that it would be like the band Mental Care Foundation. It is a modern groove metal album that addresses lyrically many important issues affecting the world today. The introduction part to the album is just a warm-up for what is a really good listening experience if you give it a chance. At this point, bands such as Machine Head seem like a distant memory. We need younger talent to take the place of these older bands and it is with optimism that Joel Facon can be one person that can be an example of a musician that presents his talent to the world in the coming years.

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