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Review of the Album "Idealism" by Japanese Melodic Death Metal Band Veiled in Scarlet

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The Album Idealism is the Closest Example to Absolute Brilliance for Any Album of the Melodic Death Metal Genre

Idealism is the debut album of Japanese melodic death metal band Veiled in Scarlet. What we have on this album is quite possibly the highest quality melodic metal from any Japanese band that I have heard and that’s really making a statement. From the first song called "Desire," I was instantly hooked especially to that song! The melody and drums really let us know that these guys intend on creating the finest melodic death metal we will hear in 2012 and thereafter. A word of warning though: the song "Desire" has a melody so intense that some of you may find it too much to tolerate.

"Desire" is the Song That Will Get You Into This Album Idealism

The song Desire disputes the claim of their being a GOD. Atheists might enjoy this song. The song also points out that the ones who are strong will survive as the weak always surrender and they are trampled upon. Idealism is easily better than any album put out by Children of Bodom and Norther as well. This is the third full time through that I listen to this album and chances are it will be a better experience than the first time around. The song Desire made me want to cry, mainly because of the sheer brilliance of the way that the song is written. Some people may get tired of the usage of the word sheer brilliance but that's the best way to describe the first song called "Desire."


The Songs The Whereabouts of My Soul and Idealism Further Strengthen the Album

The song called The Whereabouts of My Soul has a symphonic feel to it because of the keyboard play mixed in with the guitars. The song addresses about how someone feels when they have lost their way in this maze of life. The song points out that everyone in this world is just looking for a way to live even if they suffer some misfortune later on. One of the most important goals in our life on Earth is to live life to the fullest and try our hardest to accomplish our goals. Veiled in Scarlet is more than just an awesome melodic death metal band. They are a group of guys that can influence us to become better people through the power of their lyrics.

By this point in the album, some of us will be convinced that we are witnessing not only musical melodic brilliance but there may be some sort of heavy metal revival in Japan with bands such as Veiled in Scarlet and Gyze which I have only heard briefly.

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With the disbandment of bands like Shadow and Serpent, at least Veiled in Scarlet is remaining in the scene to provide us with quality melodic death metal.

The song Idealism has a sort of Arch Enemy influence in it. The song is about getting rid of horror and anxiety and just taking that first step towards your goals. Taking that first step is a critical step in this process. Prayer without action is probably nothing more than just a pipe dream. But prayer has the power to heal our hearts and minds. The song Drift has a good piano part, something we don’t normally hear from a band in this genre unless they are a symphonic death metal band. Night Befall has some very melodic guitar play that reminds us of the kind of melodic play that Vinnie Moore would incorporate in his songs.

The Album Idealism Proves That There Are Good Metal Bands in Japan

Who says Japan doesn’t have good heavy metal bands? The album Idealism should put an end to such false assumptions. Starting from the early 2000’s the Japanese heavy metal scene has expanded to include melodic death metal and the only reason why many people wouldn’t know about the greatness of that country’s heavy metal scene is because these bands are not marketed as much outside of Japan and they have little exposure outside of their borders.

About the Song Resistance

The song "Resistance" is a song about someone that leaves his home still bothered by his past. He is filled with rage and hate, wanting to get his revenge on a person that hurt him. He thinks life is about getting revenge but life is about how you deal with what happens to you.

Listening To Veiled in Scarlet

Final Thoughts About the Album "Idealism"

The one major drawback to the album "Idealism" is the vocals. They are of a very low growling nature similar to the band Insomnium and it is because of this that the album does not get a 100 out of 100 points. Other than that Idealism is an example of one of the most brilliant musical masterpieces in the genre of neoclassical death metal.

One thing that must be said about this album is that it is nothing short of absolutely melodic, creative, skilled, and should be on a top 10 list of melodic death metal albums of all time.

Final rating is 95 points out of 100 (A)

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