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Review of the Album "I Am Your Blindness" by Apophis a German Melodic Death Metal Band

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What is the Musical Style of the Album I Am Your Blindness?

Melodic death metal and Germany don’t seem to go together or do they make a good combination? Germany’s Apophis released their 4th studio album called I Am Your Blindness in 2005 and this one is more of a standard death metal sounding album as opposed to the Gothenburg sound, at least initially. These German guys started way back in 1989 under the name of Raise Hell and in the thrash metal style. In 1990 they would change their name to Apophis and begin playing death metal. Nonetheless, the rough vocals fit the songs rather well. The album only has six songs in it for just over 31 minutes of really solid death metal. Even though the lyrical themes of the album focus on rage, battles, and the destruction of mankind, you never get the sense that this album will make you feel sick.

About the Songwriting in the Album I Am Your Blindness

This album starts with a very short instrumental song called “Mount to Redeem” and in a way it is better for the album to begin in this manner because what follows after this track is death metal music that is intense in terms of the rough vocals but not so intense that you may feel like it is too much to handle. After that brief instrumental song, these guys waste no time performing their brand of death metal. “Sick at Heart” is a display of the brand of death metal that is on this album. This consists of Peter Tagtgren style vocals similar to The Fourth Dimension back in 1994, good drumming, and riffs the resemble solid modern death metal. However, the song “Welcome to my World” is somewhat like the late 1990s death metal such as The Jester Race to an extent. Yes, that’s the analysis and conclusion that this writer has come up with. “Extinct Life” is a song that lyrically addresses just that: a world that is devoid of life even as the cold wind blows and snowflakes fall to the ground. Then there is the next song called “That’s Why I’ve Killed You.” The song lyrically tells the story of the stages of a relationship that has gone wrong. Then one of the partners kills the other because they were enraged even though they tried to control themselves for a very long time. Then the last song in the album “Reanimation” is about Egyptian mythology as the drumming and guitar style resembles Swedish melodic death metal around 1995-1996 even though this album came out in 2005.

Final Thoughts About Apophis's 2005 Studio Album

The only real con that I can see with this album is that for an album of this genre and style, 31 minutes doesn’t do it enough justice. This means that for its length, this album is just a bit too short and you only get a sneak preview basically of what good modern death metal is.

"I Am Your Blindness" Full Album

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