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Review of the Album "Humanimal" European Version by Hard Rock Band Talisman

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Introduction to Humanimal European Version

The studio album Humananimal (the European version) was also released in 1994 just like the Japanese version. However for the purposes of this review which is considered to be part 1 of 2 parts for Humanimal, we will try to focus on the songs that are not on the Japanese version. "Tainted Pages" is the first song that is not on that version. The song starts with bass and a very catchy slow riff as it is a classic in my mind. "Tainted Pages" is a song about a person that is lost in his life as his mind, body, and soul need to be repaired. As the pages turn, life passes by and the pages become “tainted” in a sense because the person who is lost in their life needs resurrection to get back on the right track. Well, one person that may have gotten his career back on track is vocalist Jeff Scott Soto who has really improved in the vocal category. This version is better than the Japanese version for sure!

The bass guitar work by the late Marcel Jacob is memorable in the first song called “3233 + Colour My XTC.” As Jeff Scott Soto sings “taking me higher and higher” this first song is only a preview of just how great this version of Humanimal is.

Jeff Scott Soto Vocalist for the Band Talisman and Yngwie J. Malmsteen


The Songs Seasons, All + All and D.O.A.P.S. are all Songs About Different Kinds of Human Relationships

"Seasons" is a song that describes a friendship that had been rocky in the beginning due to both people being immature, foolish, and doing socially unacceptable things. However, now that they are grown up adults, they can see that just like the 4 seasons in a year, their friendship can always evolve and they will emerge stronger because of this evolution. The next song called "All + All" is a love song that is about when someone actually learned about what it feels like to be in love. He feels that he can hold this love together with the love of his life. She is the one that can give him everything that he really wants. His best friend cannot believe that he has some much passion in his eyes. He is determined to never let her go at all costs. That’s the proper way to be in love! Continuing on the theme of love and relationships, the song "D.O.A.P.S." is a song about a woman that is really pursuing this one man. She sends him letters of praise, gifts, and cards but he wonders if this is going to be real lasting love or whether she is masquerading as a true, honest woman in order to use him later on. Some relationships just are not worth it.

How Does the Song Lonely World Make the Album Humanimal Stronger?

And just like on the Japanese version, the song Lonely World really strengthens this album. Tainted Pages and Seasons are songs that contribute to how solid this album is musically but "Lonely World" with its heaviness and passionate vocals really makes this album stronger. It is almost like the song Motherless Child making Eclipse a stronger album. But that album is nowhere near as excellent as this one. Lonely World makes Humanimal one reason to have the album.

What is Another Reason to Have This Album?

Another reason to have this album is because of the catchy title track. The song is about a person that seems to be civilized on the surface, but in reality, he is a person that is motivated primarily by greed. It is so easy to hate others but the song describes it as a war that humans can never win. The haters will always hate others no matter what. The first solo is incredible! Talisman Humanimal Part 1 as this album is known by has great songs from start to finish! The best songs in this version are Tainted Pages, Seasons, All + All, Lonely World, the title track, and the awesome short love song called Doin’ Time Wit’ My Baby.

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"Tainted Pages"

The Album Ends With One of the Best Songs Ever: A Love Song!

It is only fitting that this brilliant album ends with a love song called "Doin’ Time Wit’ My Baby." You wake up one day and the world is crumbling around you. The only thing that seems to matter to us in those times is spending time with our main lover. She can give us some loving, and bring a big smile to our faces. This is one of the best songs in any style of music for sure!

Final score for the European version: 95 out of 100 points!

Humanimal Part 1 vs. Humanimal Part 2

Questions about Members on the album Humanimal

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who is the guitarist that plays on both parts of Humanimal?
    • Fredrik Akesson
    • Fredrik Johansson
    • Michael Amott
  2. Who Plays the Bass on Both Parts of the album Humanimal?
    • Marcel Jacob
    • Steve Harris
    • Sharlee D'Angelo

Answer Key

  1. Fredrik Akesson
  2. Marcel Jacob

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