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Acid Drinkers: "High Proof Cosmic Milk" Album Review

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The Last Acid Drinkers Studio Album to Have the Performance of "Litza"

High Proof Cosmic Milk is the 1998 studio album by Polish crossover thrash metal band Acid Drinkers and it is also the last studio album to have the contributions of Robert “Litza” Friedrich as he would depart after the release of this album.

High Proof Cosmic Milk Is Not a Typical Acid Drinkers Album

This album is a stylistic departure from the previous album The State of Mind Reportin the sense that this album is less about thrash metal and it has more of a groove metal feel to it. I get the sense that the style of this sort of resembles the groove metal that Sepultura would use in the Derrick Green era though this album is not as heavy as those albums. The bass guitar is not loud and overdone but it plays a role on the album nonetheless. However some fans may be turned off by this album due to its dark, muddy guitar sound and this is not your typical Acid Drinkers album. They really took a stylistic shift on this album and even though it is different from their previous works, it does not have to be a bad listening experience. If you like groove metal but you do not want to listen to something super heavy that will make your stomach churn in disgust then this album is just the right kind of album for you. Groove metal does not just need to be about being heavy and playing the guitar at a million miles an hour. The drum sound is also better than it has ever been for Acid Drinkers up to this point.

The muddy kind of guitar feel starts right away with the first song “Rattlesnake Blues.” The song is lyrically about what happens to this kid at school named Johnny who decides to live a dangerous lifestyle and because of this, the well is poisoned. Johnny is poisoning himself and those around him by playing around with things that he should not play around with.

"Sad Like a Coal Check"

A Few Interesting Aspects About High Proof Cosmic Milk

There is also a sort of interesting plot twist musically in this album as the song “Gain on S***” has that definite Sepultura vibe to it as you may think that the vocals do sound a little like Max Cavalera. There’s another musical example of what makes Acid Drinkers a unique crossover thrash metal band. The bass in the song really shows its loudness and skill too. Continuing on the tradition of covering cover songs, in this album Acid Drinkers does a cover performance of yet another famous song, this one being “Proud Mary.” If you hear it you will remember which one it is.

It is a song that kind of feels out of place on an album such as this. It is not a bad song but it just doesn’t belong on an album like this. Since it is a cover song, we will not deduct points from the album’s score overall because of that.

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High Proof Cosmic Milk May Surprise Some Fans

High Proof Cosmic Milk isn’t the first Acid Drinkers album for new listeners to the band to check out because it is an album unlike what these guys had created before this point in time and it is mostly heavy groove and industrial metal as opposed to the crossover thrash metal that you might expect from these guys. I certainly prefer the music of Acid Drinkers over other crossover metal bands such as D.R.I. The reason for this is that Acid Drinkers do much more than try to impress you with speed and brutality. The Digipak version of the album has a soft song called “Sad Like a Coal Check.” It is a song that is basically about going into bed to get that much needed sleep.

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