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Review of the Album "Hidden Treasures" by Megadeth

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Why This Album Deserves Consideration

Hidden Treasures is one of the few Megadeth albums that I had reviewed but it still kind of deserves another review and consideration because of the band’s cover version of the song Paranoid and the song Angry Again which is off of Last Action Hero soundtrack. The album is actually classified as extended play but let’s call it a short album of covers and a few original songs written by Megadeth.

"Angry Again" May Be The Most Memorable Song Off of This Album

Angry Again is one of those really catchy songs about someone that is so consumed by anger that his rage causes him to turn to committing crimes. The chorus is very memorable even for Dave Mustaine’s standards considering that I would not call him an elite vocalist.

"Hidden Treasures" the Review Songs Angry Again, No More Mr. Nice Guy Go To Hell and Breakpoint

Angry Again is one of those songs that may be hard to handle if you are under stress or if you are anxious. This seven song album starts off with a performance of Alice Cooper’s No More Mr. Nice Guy. The song is about a person that used to be such a sweet man and he would open up doors for elderly women. But now he has turned into a man that is feeling like he has been knocked down in life. The new version of him is described as a sick, dirty, and mean person. Breakpoint is a song about someone rebelling against established rules and social norms because someone else sets the rules and breaks them. I won’t mention where each song is from because that is common knowledge that heavy metal fans can find out by looking up that information but I will say that the song called Go to Hell has some pretty good solo work! There have been so many bands to try and experiment musically but some have failed in these endeavors. Go To Hell is a song in which the first two lines of the lyrics are like the song Enter Sandman in 1991. In this instance, the person doing the narration is a woman and the words are spoken more slowly. Regardless of whether we believe in a heaven or a hell, one thing is for sure and that is that we will reap whatever we sow as the song mentions.

Final Thoughts About the Album "Hidden Treasures"

The cover performance of the song Paranoid was nominated for “Best Metal Performance” at the 1996 Grammy Awards. 99 Ways to Die is a song about someone that knows that their end is near even if they reach the top, the pinnacle of their success. The album gives me a sort of chill down the spine because of how intense it is! Exercise physically before you listen to this album otherwise it is going to be tough to handle the songs. The best songs in this short album are Angry Again, 99 Ways to Die and Paranoid. While this is not an elite album it is not as bad as some people will say it is. The band has come a long way since their debut album where Dave’s vocals were really muffled and he was obviously not developed vocally at that time. At the end of the cover performance of the song Paranoid is the funniest because as the guitars stop playing, drummer Nick Menza continues his drumming as Dave Mustaine tells him to stop and Nick says something about running! Actually, Dave says to the now late Nick Menza (1964-2016) the following words: “Nick, Nick, Nick!” The album's title isn't accurate 100% because not all of the songs are what would be considered excellent by most fans but it may be one of those albums that will be largely forgotten. Hidden Treasures is a decent experimental album for Megadeth to try. Hidden Treasures is a transitional album that creates the bridge after Countdown to Extinction and Youthanasia and Megadeth was not yet finished experimenting musically. “Diadems” with its modern acoustic guitar beginning is a sort of welcome relief to our ears after several hard hitting songs.

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