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Review of the Album "Heretic Glory" by the Band Tortura from Monterrey, Mexico

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About the Band Tortura and Their Second Studio Album

Tortura is a thrash metal band that originated in Monterrey, Mexico and the have been active since 2005. Their second album called Heretic Glory which was released in 2017 is described as a raw punk and thrash metal style release. Mexico is the one nation in Latin America that I can say has established a sort of musical base for thrash metal. Tortura focus on lyrical themes such as religion, injustice, partying and evil. If you aren’t aware that thrash metal is becoming a global phenomenon, then Tortura is yet another example of this. They are contributing to the modern era of thrash metal.

2 Cons About the Album Heretic Glory

Heretic Glory has that raw sort of feel that you can tell it kind of sounds like something we would have heard back in the 1980s but it still manages to maintain a modern sound. The vocals are rough but they could definitely be improved on. Also, the album has little variety in it other than fast songs that have that raw punk and thrash metal feel to them.

"Heretic Glory" Full Album

The Songs in "Heretic Glory"

In the song called “Die as a God” the end has this sort of repeating riff pattern that I could have seen Metallica do in their early days, but this is not Metallica quality greatness though. While Heretic Glory is not short on speed, it is really unfair to even put Tortura in the same category as a well-established heavy metal band such as Metallica. The vocals may remind some of us of a style similar to that of Erick Olguin (ex-Buried Dreams). The introduction to this album, the way that it starts hardly even feels like it is going to be a metal album until the acoustic guitar is combined with the other tapping notes to create a progressive metal touch. The second song called “Religion Sick” is lyrically about how some people attempt to brainwash others through their lies and they use religion to push across that narrative. “Sacrilege” is a song that has the sound of bells along with a laugh. There is also the sound of a breeze blowing. The intro reminds me of a similarity for the song “For Whom the Bell Tolls” but after that the song settles into something totally different. “Catholic Intolerance” is a song that lyrically discusses the conflict and biases against Catholics so there is an anti-religious lyrical theme in this one.

Final Thoughts About the Album Heretic Glory

I know how we mentioned earlier that the album lacks variety in the songs. Well, to a degree this may be the case with a few exceptions. One of these exceptions is the last song called “Sin Always Victory.” The song starts with a really nice neoclassical influenced progressive part in the beginning before settling into a heavy punk + thrash metal song. As the song says it is time to live a real life. Part of living that life is recognizing that even in Mexico there is thrash metal that is more than decent. The last song alternates between nice bass play and dual vocals. The last song also has a mid-section that sounds like the band Helloween so we have to give these guys credit for at least attempting to innovate themselves.

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