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Review of the Album "Get What You Deserve" by German Thrash Metal Band Sodom

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Another Experimental Metal Album With a Then New Drummer

Get What You Deserve is more than just the 6th studio album by German thrash metal band Sodom. It is also an album that sees Sodom once again experimenting musically, this time going for more of a crossover, punk, and hardcore kind of album in direct contrast to the death metal style vocals of the previous album. However in the song “Freaks of Nature” there is a vocal approach that might as well be considered death metal because it is so low and harsh. Guido “Atomic Steif” Richter who is also known for having been the drummer for Holy Moses is a really good replacement for Christian Dudek and he shows this especially in the song “Eat Me.”


This Album Has Every Kind of Song Except Ballads

Even on the fast religious themed song "Jesus Screamer" which is only a minute and 42 seconds long, Guido Richter shows his skill and brilliance as the bass guitar’s speed works well with this one to create a very entertaining kind of thrash metal. Jesus Screamer is actually a song that lyrically is against religion and describes praying to GOD or Jesus as an act that will land the person in the wrong place. Regardless of that, the song is one furiously paced song in terms of the speed of it. Get What You Deserve is actually a musically diverse album that features one of the best drummers in the music business. There are a few songs in this album with German lyrics as well as a cover performance of the song “Angel Dust” originally performed by the band Venom. The only type of song that isn’t in this album is a ballad style song but that’s fine because some bands just don’t write ballads I guess. Sodom is one of those thrash bands that likes to experiment musically which isn’t a bad thing if it is done well.

"Jesus Screamer"


Then there are songs such as “Unbury the Hatchet” which is a song that lyrically is about doing what people can to kick the mighty out of power. The lyrics about the effects of war continue into the next song called “Into Perdition.” Get What You Deserve is an album that has several furious musical moments because of the fast, sharp riffs and the bass guitar work is excellent as well. For what it is worth, I really feel that this album that began the early mid-career of Sodom is not as good as Persecution Mania but it is a better album that most of the ones that were released before it. The instrumental song “Tribute to Moby Dick” slowly builds as the picking guitar sound can be heard.

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"Tribute to Moby Dick"

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