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Review of the Album "From the Underground and Below" by Over Kill


Joe Comeau of Liege Lord and Annihilator Plays On This Album

From the Underground and Below released in 1997 is the 9th studio album by Over Kill and listening to this album at first, some of you may wonder why you didn’t listen to this album much earlier or why you didn’t hear about it much earlier. I would say having heard about this album in 2022 makes me wish I had heard about it at least 20 years earlier. Providing the secondary guitar duties is Joe Comeau who plays rhythm guitar and provides backing vocals. He is known also for being the former lead vocalist for Annihilator.

Even This Album Shows That It Isn't Always Easy to Get Into Over kill's Music

Though Over Kill is one of those bands that is tough to get into initially, once you get into them, they can make you appreciate their wonderful bass play and some of their riffs are indeed groovy. Some of you may find that trying to listen to Over Kill early in the morning can be tough to sit through because of their style of play. So it may take two or three tries to either convince yourself to keep listening or switch to another style of song first before you dive deep into the depths of Over Kill’s vast musical offerings. There is some degree of groove metal on this album such as the song “I’m Alright” which might be a sort of either angry or humorous view of Christianity. This song sounds like something the band Mental Care Foundation would compose in the 2000s so Over Kill may have influenced other bands.

About the Songs In Over Kill's 1997 Studio Album

Songs such as Long Time Dyin’ start with a blues style section before transitioning into a more thrash metal feel such as Sacred Reich. Then it changes again somewhat because even though it is heavy, it sounds like this heavy blues groovy song. However, the manner in which this album starts lets us know that it is going to be rather special. The thundering drum parts of the first song “It Lives” sets the stage for what is to be one of Over Kill’s finest albums. This song has thrash metal with a bit of industrial feel to it as well. The song lyrically may as well be a message that someone that is suffering wants to be pulled out of his sorrowful state. “Save Me” starts off with some programmed vocals that utter the words “you’re a miracle man” but this does nothing to lower the quality of the song. The song quickly switches to a beautiful acoustic part which enhances this track. The song “Genocya” features a vocal performance by Joe Comeau and there is a powerful chorus as well. Contrary to what some fans may want to think, the song “I’m Alright” has a powerful vocal part in the end by Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth as he holds his range for several extra seconds to provide a solid finish. This is before that last acoustic section of the song. It is still early for me analyzing this album but From the Underground and Below isn’t quite Over Kill’s best album not counting The Years of Decay but it is another musically diverse album that had a very strong start with the first two songs especially.

"It Lives"

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