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Review of the Album "Forever Autumn" by Swedish Gothic Metal Band Lake of Tears

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The Album's Cover Matches the Title

Forever Autumn is the 1999 studio album released by Swedish gothic metal band Lake of Tears and looking at the album’s cover, you can see that there is a definite autumn like kind of feel and look to it. The cover shows a bad that is totally disorganized, untidy and unmade. It is located in the middle of what it looks like a forest as the trees have shed their leaves and autumn is in the air. At least from that perspective, the album’s cover matches the title.

Forever Autumn ended up to be the last studio album released by Lake of Tears before the band would disband briefly in 2000 and return in 2002. Songs such as “So Fell Autumn Rain” start in a rather interesting fashion as the sound of the cello hits tour ears and it is actually a nice and relaxing way to begin the album because you are not immediately greeted to heavy, slushy guitars right away. “Hold On Tight” has the feel of late 1990s and early 2000s Amorphis with a guitar part that may remind you of the band In Flames the way they were in the latter part of the 1990s. Listening to Forever Autumn reminds me of why I miss the decade of the 1990s. This was a decade in which there were so many quality metal albums released especially starting around 1996 or so with Amorphis’ Elegy but once again we are digressing slightly. The chorus line of “Coming closer every day, forever autumn” is one of the most memorable vocal lines that was written in the band’s career because it sounds so clear and crisp.

Final Thoughts

“Otherwheres” is an instrumental song that has the sound of wind blowing and the keyboards play. The main section has this tendency to repeat itself. That could be considered a sort of weakness but the album overall redeems itself to the conclusion. There are also lyrical themes about nature such as in songs like “The Homecoming.” “Come Night I Reign” is a song that really sounds like Down era Sentenced. Down is a studio album that came out in 1996. Forever Autumn is a pretty decent release from these Swedish guys but it may suffer from having too much of the same Gothic metal style guitars and the second half of the album doesn’t measure up to the first three songs. Is there a bit of musical inconsistency in Forever Autumn? It is reasonable to conclude that because the guitars and songs tend to stick to mostly one type of pattern. That pattern is the Gothic and or progressive rock style of whatever Amorphis wrote in the latter half of the 1990s into around 2003 or so. Upon this early analysis, this album is not as strong as their previous work called A Crimson Cosmos.

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